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A recent study shows a possible link between pneumonia and air pollution. Find out how to fight back.It seems as if a new study about the dangers of air pollution is released every day. There’s a good reason for this: Air pollution can have very negative consequences on the state of your health. The latest news about the implications of air pollution on public health revolve around a possible link between particulate matter and hospitalizations for pneumonia … Continue reading

Sinus problems are an issue for many people. Along with many other tips, improving the indoor air quality can help.Sinus problems plague approximately 37 million Americans. If you’re one of them, then you’ll more than likely try virtually anything to find sinus relief. Living with sinus problems like sinusitis and sinus pressure can be very annoying, and can get in the way of living a happy, carefree life. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize sinus problems and to treat … Continue reading

Read why California recently banned ozone generators from being sold in the state. A healthy alternative to these insidious devices is HEPA air purifiers.Within the last year, California passed a ban on the sale of ozone generators. Ozone generators have been sold in the past under the pretense that they purify the breathing air in a home, office or car. Marketing strategies for these devices have targeted the population with breathing difficulties, claiming to alleviate symptoms by improving air quality. The significant levels … Continue reading

The indoor air quality at your office could be affecting your health. Find out what you can do about it.If you’re like 70% of Americans, then chances are that you work in an office. Considering how much time you spend there, it stands to reason that any health problems you’re experiencing could be related to that environment. As you sit in your cubicle or at your desk, pecking away at your keyboard and performing your routine daily tasks, a … Continue reading

Protect infant health with improved indoor air quality; wise choices and a HEPA purifier make a big difference.The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than the air outside. While this is a health issue for everyone, it’s of special concern to parents of infants. Babies have undeveloped immune systems, making them particularly susceptible to airborne contaminants. These contaminants may increase the likelihood of allergies or even cause asthma … Continue reading

Pollen allergies are all too common. These tips will help you lessen the impact that pollen has on your life.Pollen: It rears its ugly head, without fail, every spring. For at least 35 million Americans, it triggers a nasty allergic reaction that can make them downright miserable for months on end. If you are one of the many people who struggle with a pollen allergy, then you’d probably like to know how you can minimize the effects of this … Continue reading

When purchasing an air purifier, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the many false promises that air purifier manufacturers make.Every so often, you may be browsing in a store or online and come across a HEPA air purifier that’s being sold for less than $100. Thinking that you’ve somehow stumbled upon an incredible markdown, you order the machine and put it to work in your home. Unfortunately, you’ve probably fallen victim to the false claims and promises that many … Continue reading

Tips for managing allergy symptoms during the fall season.The same scene replays itself each and every fall: millions of Americans start coughing, hacking, sniffling and sneezing with a vengeance. Allergies rear their ugly heads for many people during this time of year, and ragweed is the culprit behind at least 36 million of those cases annually. If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who has to contend with … Continue reading

Helpful tips for ensuring clean indoor air during the fall season. Provides info about air cleaners, along with product recommendations.While most of us associate springtime with ritualistic cleaning – hence the popular term “spring cleaning” – fall is a really good time to get things spic and span in preparation for the upcoming winter. If you live in a cold climate, especially, it is smart to get all of the major cleaning done before Jack Frost rears his sometimes-cranky … Continue reading

A study finds that HEPA filters improve cardiovascular function in healthy elderly people.Researchers have found that individuals can improve their cardiovascular health by using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in their homes. Heart disease is a common danger, one of the leading health risks people face. Doctors have traditionally suggested exercise and weight loss to combat it; this new research provides evidence that using HEPA air filters may also help reduce the … Continue reading

Activated carbon filters are the best way to remove gases and airborne chemicals; many air purifiers include them.Do you know how important activated carbon is when it comes to removing gases and odors from your home? The ability of activated carbon to remove impurities from the air is one of the reasons it is commonly used in air filtration systems. Its use continues to increase as more industries and consumers consider their environmental impact before making important … Continue reading

Austin Air room air purifiers help benefit allergy sufferers, asthmatics, as well as those concerned about indoor air quality.Austin Air is one of the oldest and most respected air purifier companies in the US. They produce a variety of air purifier models, offering air cleaning systems that meet the needs of any customer. While Austin Air is the choice of the US government, it’s also ideal for the average American who wants to improve the indoor air quality … Continue reading

A recent cord blood report by the EWG reveals the presence of more than 200 different chemicals that unborn children might be exposed to.Even the most health-conscious and careful moms-to-be are unwittingly exposing their unborn children to a litany of harmful chemicals every single day. Before a newborn draws their first breath, they have already been exposed to hundreds of harmful and worrisome chemicals – and the problem only seems to be increasing. According to the latest cord blood report by the Environmental … Continue reading

The EPA recommends reducing indoor air pollution, which can greatly benefit one's health.Indoor air quality is an important contributor to people’s health that often goes unnoticed. We work, play, and sleep inside, yet many do not realize that their indoor air contains dangerous pollutants and allergens. In recent years, indoor air pollution has been linked to serious health problems, including cancer and heart disease. Fortunately, there are easy, cost-effective ways to reduce … Continue reading

Now you can extend your green lifestyle to the bedroom. Learn more about ways to make your bedroom more eco-friendly.These days, everybody’s looking for ways to live as green as possible. Recycling is great, but there are many other things that you can do to help the environment – even while you sleep. By making your bedroom as eco-friendly as possible, you can help the health of the planet – and your own health, as well. It’s surprisingly easy … Continue reading

Learn how you can improve the indoor air quality of your home.Nowadays, you don’t have to live in the shadow of a smoke-spewing factory or next to a major freeway to be subjected to polluted air. Indeed, air pollution is a ubiquitous part of daily life for most of us; incredibly insidious as it is, pollution can seep into your home and render your indoor air quality poor, all while doing … Continue reading

A government study shows that HEPA air filters, combined with other preventive measures, significantly reduce asthma symptoms.An important government study shows that HEPA air filters paired with other preventive measures can significantly reduce children’s asthma symptoms. Asthma may be triggered by many things – foods, medicines, mold, pet dander, dust mites, or airborne pollution, among many others. Though an air filter can’t remove all allergens and can’t guarantee 100% protection against an asthma attack, it can … Continue reading

The EPA says indoor air pollution is worse than outdoors. Here are a few hidden sources.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air inside people’s homes can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside. The EPA regulates pollutants that are released into the air outdoors, but air inside one’s home is the domain of the homeowner. Since most people are unaware that indoor air quality is so bad, they may overlook … Continue reading

A recent study links ambient air pollution with cases of bronchiolitis in infants.As a parent, your top priority is making sure that your child is safe, happy and healthy. In addition to feeding your child nutritious foods and providing them with a comfortable and safe place to sleep, you want to do everything that you possibly can to keep illnesses and chronic medical conditions at bay. A recent study by researchers at … Continue reading

A review of the Austin Air Baby's Breath air purifier, highlighting the benefits that clean air has for infants.As a parent, your number one priority has to be keeping your baby as safe and healthy as possible. Although many parents don’t realize it, poor indoor air quality is an all too common problem that can compromise the health of your baby. Even if your home looks and smells perfectly clean, its air is probably choked with all sorts … Continue reading

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