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Breathing clean air is essential to good health.Many people consider their home a sanctuary, but the truth is that our homes often have many hidden dangers. One such danger is air pollution. Although many people associate pollution with outdoor air, indoor air usually presents the greatest health risk due to the high concentration levels. With that in mind, let’s consider five simple steps anyone can take to … Continue reading

Foster a green baby nursery by eliminating pollutants and contaminants and applying a consistent effort to achieving ideal air quality throughout the home.All parents want to ensure the best possible living environment for their new baby. Modern science provides parents with a great deal of information on what’s safe and what isn’t. With that awareness, however, comes the burden of feeling as if you can’t possibly account for everything. To overcome that challenge, parents must identify and prioritize the potential risks, and … Continue reading

Only a medical grade HEPA filter can eliminate dangerous ultrafine particles.Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are particles that are less than 100 nanometers (nm) in length. Air quality agencies do not monitor pollution that small, and there are no air quality standards or regulations that include them. Nevertheless, an increasing number of scientific studies suggest that these ultrafine particles may be the most dangerous of all the particulate matter (PM) that we … Continue reading

Dust bunnies aren’t just harmless eyesores and can actually act as containers and release mechanisms for toxins.Consumer products, such as electronics and furniture, often contain flame retardants, which are chemicals that inhibit the spread of fire. The downside to these chemicals is that they can become trapped in common dust particles and then distributed throughout the house. This process is particularly concerning for parents because young children crawl on the floor and touch everything, including putting … Continue reading

If you remove allergens from your home, you can mitigate and maybe even eliminate symptoms.Many people throughout the world suffer from allergy symptoms, which are caused by triggers. The triggers found in the home can be particularly aggravating because people spend the majority of their time there. The good news is that many people suffer unnecessarily, and you can actually reduce or perhaps even eliminate those symptoms while in the home by removing the … Continue reading

Air pollution is attributable to over 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.A new study by the Society for Risk Analysis has concluded that ozone and particle pollution cause more premature deaths each year than automobile accidents, which was long considered the leading cause. According to the study, particle air pollution causes at least 100,000 premature deaths in the United States alone. Ozone pollution adds tens of thousands of more deaths to … Continue reading

The CDC and EPA provide strategies for protecting your family in the event of a wildfire.The U.S. experiences over 100,000 wildfires every year, which burn more than 5 million acres of land combined. Under optimal climate conditions, a wildfire can spread at a rate of 14 miles per hour and easily consume any burnable item in its path.

The destructive capabilities of its flames are not the only danger that a wildfire presents. Wildfires generate … Continue reading

Austin air purifiers are perfect for those wanting to provide healthy air for their children to breathe.Austin Air isn’t just a company that makes air purifiers. It’s a company made up of people who are intimately acquainted with the suffering caused by asthma and other respiratory problems. In fact, the owner of the company, Richard Taylor, understands that suffering firsthand. After watching helplessly as his wife endured countless medical treatments for a serious breathing condition, he … Continue reading

This article highlights the difference between genuine HEPA air purifiers and those advertising as 'HEPA.'More and more people are becoming concerned about the indoor air quality of their homes. In response to this, the availability of air purifiers has risen dramatically in recent years. The gold standard of air purifiers is the HEPA filter; people who are serious about making the air in their homes as clean as possible always insist on HEPA. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Steps you can take to improve the indoor air quality of your home.If you haven’t already heard a lot about indoor air quality, then it’s time that you learned more. Indoor air pollution is something that effects each and every one of us, regardless of where we live. Just because you don’t smoke in the home, for instance, doesn’t mean that you and your family aren’t inhaling a slew of nasty airborne … Continue reading

Air purifiers that utilize HEPA filters are able to remove mold spores from the indoor air.While mold definitely has a time and a place – it comes into play when creating many different types of cheese, for instance – it isn’t a welcome thing in most people’s homes. Keeping mold at bay is important for a number of different reasons, including the fact that its presence can trigger a wide range of health problems. As … Continue reading

Learn a few key tips for managing your allergies naturally.Coping with allergies is not a whole lot of fun. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who has to grapple with allergies, it’s important to educate yourself as much as possible about the many different treatments and options for the condition. While many people are quick to assume that prescription medications and other pharmaceutical treatments are the way … Continue reading

One-third of all homes in U.S. metropolitan areas pose health risks due to safety concerns.A recent study by the National Center for Healthy Housing has revealed that approximately one-third of all homes in major metropolitan areas have factors that may pose serious health risks for their inhabitants. With problems like asthma and allergy on the rise, the study highlights the importance of making the home a safe haven – and is concerning because it … Continue reading

A recent study confirms that breathing clean air increases lifespans by an average of five months.In a confirmation of what many doctors and researchers have suspected for years, a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham Young University has shown that decreasing air pollution extends people’s lifespans by an average of about five months. Considering how many people live in heavily polluted areas – and the fact that most of our … Continue reading

Exposure to fine particulate air pollution increases the risk of heart disease, according to a recent study by the University of Michigan.It seems that with each passing day, a new study is released raising even more concern about the effects of air pollution on our health and well being. A recent study, whose findings were published in an issue of the journal Hypertension, was conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and appears to make a … Continue reading

This article mentions the top ways to promote a healthy home environment for your baby.As a parent, your natural instinct is to protect your infant at all costs. Unfortunately, many parents inadvertently expose their babies to harmful things right in their own home. Among many other things, indoor air quality is incredibly important for the health of everyone in the home – especially newborns. Babies are particularly sensitive to chemicals, airborne pollutants and other … Continue reading

A HEPA air purifier eliminates pet dander, allergens and odors from the air, so you and your family can breathe easier.If you own cats or dogs, then chances are that neither you or anyone else in your home is actively allergic to them. However, constantly breathing in pet dander can do a number on anyone’s respiratory system over time. Even if it’s effects aren’t apparent, pet dander can compromise your respiratory system – and your overall health. While being vigilant … Continue reading

Indoor air is often many times more polluted than the outdoor air. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve indoor air quality.When most people think of air pollution, they don’t consider the indoor air quality of their homes. They should. The Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor levels of pollutants can be up to five times as concentrated as those found outside. People spend the majority of their time indoors and yet they never realize that the room’s indoor air quality … Continue reading

Particle pollution exposure can lead to major health problems including asthma, COPD, heart disease and stroke.When most people think about air pollution, they envision places like Los Angeles, Mexico City or Beijing – large, densely populated megalopolises where smog seems to be a permanent part of the landscape. Those who live in suburban areas and more rural places tend to think that they don’t have to worry about air quality and largely disregard it. However, … Continue reading

HEPA filters improve cardiovascular health, according to researchers at the Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen, Denmark.An exciting new study out of Denmark indicates that using HEPA filters may help significantly improve cardiovascular health. Considering how many people suffer from health issues due to cardiovascular issues these days, the finding may prompt new hope by providing a new line of defense against this silent killer. Along with getting plenty of exercise, not smoking and eating a … Continue reading

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