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Modern research has demonstrated the scary truth that if air quality outdoors is poor, indoor air quality is likely much worse due to higher concentrations of dangerous pollutants. Our homes are often not the sanctuaries we believe them to be. Therefore, the first step toward healthy breathing is ensuring pure air inside our homes. After … Continue reading

Austin Air, which is the leading manufacturer of indoor air cleaners in the United States, recently entered a partnership with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). The goal of this joint effort is to create an NSF-branded HEPA air purifier specially designed for use in the bedroom. Austin Air and the NSF introduced the successful result … Continue reading

The presence of mold is much more than just an eyesore. Indoors, mold at elevated levels is a significant health risk. A recent review of more than sixty studies published in the European Respiratory Journal demonstrated a clear link between asthma in children and mold growth in their homes. Some people develop allergies because of … Continue reading

Preparing for a new baby is one of the most exciting challenges we’ll ever face. It’s also one of the most daunting. For most of us, this is the biggest responsibility we’ve ever shouldered, and just the mere notion of getting some aspect of it wrong makes us sick with worry. One area that seems … Continue reading

Our society has long recognized the detrimental effect caused by traffic pollution. Perhaps only recently, however, have we begun to appreciate it fully. For instance, scientists at Edinburgh University have just discovered particles produced by burning diesel contribute to the formation of blood clots in arteries. Over time, these blood clots are extremely dangerous, leading … Continue reading

Summertime should be fun; it’s all about spending time with the family and relishing in the great outdoors. For many of us, however, that simply isn’t likely. Summertime means allergy season, meaning discomfort and high stress levels, at the very least. If symptoms are harsh enough, our homes, which should be sanctuaries, feel like prisons, … Continue reading

The U.S. Department of Health (DOH) maintains a list of chemicals (the Report on Carcinogens) that can increase risk of cancer. Recently, they added both formaldehyde and styrene, and one reason why this is important to the average person is that styrene and formaldehyde are the primary components in Styrofoam and other household products. This … Continue reading

For so many who suffer through sinus problems, the pursuit of sinus relief is a cyclical, seemingly never-ending process. In the winter, we must contend with mucus and the common cold, and then from the spring through the fall, we have to manage a host of sinus problems, which means hiding from a wide array … Continue reading

Our homes should be the place where we feel safest and most comfortable, and for millions of people throughout the world, the home serves as a sanctuary during allergy season. But for many, the home is a constant battleground where allergens, contaminants and pollutants are in much higher concentrations than in the air outside their … Continue reading

A breathed substance permanently, and in some cases radically, changing our brain chemistry may seem like a great pitch idea for a science fiction TV show. Unfortunately, in the case of air pollution, these substances are very real and very right now. Think about that. Let it sink in. For years now, we’ve programmed ourselves … Continue reading

With so much media focus on the dangers of outdoor air pollution, indoor air quality does not receive nearly enough attention. That’s a shame since most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Clean Air Plus is working diligently to change that. And sometimes the challenge seems insurmountable, as if we’re alone in … Continue reading

Pure air is an oft-overlooked yet key component of healthy living. What’s worse is that our homes are not the sanctuaries so many believe them to be. Typically, the air inside the home is far more dangerous than that outdoors because concentrations of pollutants are higher and there is considerably less filtration. In toxic urban … Continue reading

If you have pre-asthma you’re in a tricky situation. You’re not perfectly healthy, but you’re not really sick. It’s not quite asthma, but the potential is there, making it a tenuous position. You always have to be aware of your health and on guard in case it gets worse. For me, chest tightness due to … Continue reading

Molds are a type of fungi, a living organism separate from animals, bacteria and plants, which grow naturally and rapidly in environments that are dark, humid and temperate. Mold, and especially mildew, a specific kind of mold, even grows in our homes, where it produces reproductive bodies known as spores. These spores are so small … Continue reading

The air freshener industry is a massive moneymaking machine, and these corporations spend millions, perhaps billions, of dollars on sophisticated ad campaigns in order to convince you that their products smell the best and last the longest. The worst aspect to this deluge of marketing is that it works as misdirection. The first question you … Continue reading

For decades, we’ve understood that air pollution has a significant negative effect on our health, and for this reason, our governments have taken strong measures to regulate air quality. More recently, we’ve begun to understand that indoor air quality, due to concentrated levels, is usually worse and much more dangerous than the polluted air outside … Continue reading

HEPA, which is an abbreviation for high efficiency particulate air, is a filtration technology designed during the Manhattan Project to prevent radiation from escaping the labs. Nearly seven decades later, it is still the most sophisticated form of air filtration available. That coupled with its low cost and accessibility makes it the filter medium of … Continue reading

In 2009, nearly 25 million Americans (8.2%) had asthma, which is nearly 5 million more than in 2001 (7.3%). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that’s a 12.3-percent increase, which is remarkable in such a short period and the highest recorded increase in the US ever. The most puzzling aspect of … Continue reading

For the average person trying to maintain a clean home, dust is a menace. It builds up quickly on electronics, shelving and furniture, and as soon as you clean it, it starts to build up all over again. Matters are even worse for the person suffering from allergies. That’s because dust is loaded with allergens … Continue reading

Asthma, allergies and other related respiratory conditions are more prevalent now than ever before. In fact, a large number of health-related organizations, including both the EPA and CDC, have noted a baffling rise in rates during the extended period since they began monitoring the data. The reason why the increase is so perplexing is that … Continue reading

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