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The EPA says indoor air pollution is worse than outdoors. Here are a few hidden sources.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air inside people’s homes can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside. The EPA regulates pollutants that are released into the air outdoors, but air inside one’s home is the domain of the homeowner. Since most people are unaware that indoor air quality is so bad, they may overlook … Continue reading

A recent study links ambient air pollution with cases of bronchiolitis in infants.As a parent, your top priority is making sure that your child is safe, happy and healthy. In addition to feeding your child nutritious foods and providing them with a comfortable and safe place to sleep, you want to do everything that you possibly can to keep illnesses and chronic medical conditions at bay. A recent study by researchers at … Continue reading

A review of the Austin Air Baby's Breath air purifier, highlighting the benefits that clean air has for infants.As a parent, your number one priority has to be keeping your baby as safe and healthy as possible. Although many parents don’t realize it, poor indoor air quality is an all too common problem that can compromise the health of your baby. Even if your home looks and smells perfectly clean, its air is probably choked with all sorts … Continue reading

Information about dust, where it comes from, and how you can remove it from your home.We’re all familiar with dust, and it seems like we fight a never-ending battle against it most of the time. When a beam of light passes through a room in just the right way, we can sometimes see dust particles floating merrily around. Oftentimes, a room that’s been unoccupied for a while will accumulate so much dust that it is … Continue reading

Information about purifying the air inside your home.If you’ve visited any health websites or watched any health-related television shows within the past five years, then you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about growing concerns surrounding air pollution and how it affects people’s health. In the past, the only people who paid a significant amount of attention to air quality were those who suffered from chronic respiratory illnesses like … Continue reading

Exposure to air pollutants increases the risk of developing childhood asthma, according to a study by the University of Cincinnati.A recent study by the University of Cincinnati has revealed a potential link between exposure to traffic-related pollution and certain indoor air pollutants with increased wheezing in children around age three. Doctors know that wheezing at such a young age is often a pre-indication of asthma, so this news tentatively suggests a link between breathing in those pollutants at a … Continue reading

Tips for keeping your home's air safe and free of dangerous contaminants.Your home is supposed to be a safe haven for you and your family members. Unfortunately, the indoor air quality of many people’s homes is so poor that it actually presents a health hazard on a daily basis for the inhabitants. Silently and without odor, several contaminants can whirl about in your midst, wreaking havoc on your respiratory system, exacerbating … Continue reading

Ozone produced by ionizing air purifiers may increase respiratory problems.Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, have determined that in poorly-ventilated rooms, air purifiers that produce even a few milligrams of ozone per hour may exacerbate health problems. The Mayo Clinic has also found that ozone can make asthma and other respiratory problems worse and recommends against ozone generators and ionizing air purifiers that produce the molecules. Instead, people … Continue reading

Unborn babies are being exposed to chemicals at alarming rates, according to a recent study.As concerns continue to escalate regarding our increasing reliance on products that contain a myriad of different chemicals, a new study has brought forth some even more sobering news about the effects that those chemicals are having on human life. The study, which was conducted in a joint effort between the Washington Toxins Coalition or WTC, Commonweal and the Toxic-Free … Continue reading

MCS sufferers may find relief by using air purifiers to reduce indoor air pollution.Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic condition due to low level chemical exposure. While it’s a controversial diagnosis, people increasingly turn to MCS as an explanation for their symptoms. For those worried about airborne chemical pollutants, an air purifier may be an excellent way to improve indoor air quality and ease worries.

Sources of MCS

MCS may be caused … Continue reading

A recent study indicates a link between air pollution exposure and preterm birth.The September 2009 issue of the journal Epidemiology reports that recent research indicates there may be a link between air pollution and preterm birth in expecting mothers. The report is reluctant to make a definite link between the two phenomenons; however, the evidence that has been gathered through the extensive study is quite compelling. People who are already concerned about … Continue reading

IQAir recently expanded their Clean Air Campaign to include tips for creating a Wildfires happen every single year. This year is no exception, and thousands of homeowners are living in the midst of massive wildfires that are compromising the air quality of the surrounding areas. One thing that many people are blissfully unaware of, though, is that the smoke particles that are so obvious outdoors often make their way into the home. People … Continue reading

Possible links between air pollution, appendicitis and ear infections is explored.Making the connection between air pollution and respiratory illnesses is fairly straightforward. After all, breathing polluted air into the lungs is a cut-and-dry process, and it’s easy to see how it can compromise the health of your respiratory system. Similarly, it’s fairly simple to see how air pollution could be connected to problems involving the bloodstream, since pollutants enter it … Continue reading

Breathing clean air is essential to good health.Many people consider their home a sanctuary, but the truth is that our homes often have many hidden dangers. One such danger is air pollution. Although many people associate pollution with outdoor air, indoor air usually presents the greatest health risk due to the high concentration levels. With that in mind, let’s consider five simple steps anyone can take to … Continue reading

Foster a green baby nursery by eliminating pollutants and contaminants and applying a consistent effort to achieving ideal air quality throughout the home.All parents want to ensure the best possible living environment for their new baby. Modern science provides parents with a great deal of information on what’s safe and what isn’t. With that awareness, however, comes the burden of feeling as if you can’t possibly account for everything. To overcome that challenge, parents must identify and prioritize the potential risks, and … Continue reading

Only a medical grade HEPA filter can eliminate dangerous ultrafine particles.Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are particles that are less than 100 nanometers (nm) in length. Air quality agencies do not monitor pollution that small, and there are no air quality standards or regulations that include them. Nevertheless, an increasing number of scientific studies suggest that these ultrafine particles may be the most dangerous of all the particulate matter (PM) that we … Continue reading

Dust bunnies aren’t just harmless eyesores and can actually act as containers and release mechanisms for toxins.Consumer products, such as electronics and furniture, often contain flame retardants, which are chemicals that inhibit the spread of fire. The downside to these chemicals is that they can become trapped in common dust particles and then distributed throughout the house. This process is particularly concerning for parents because young children crawl on the floor and touch everything, including putting … Continue reading

If you remove allergens from your home, you can mitigate and maybe even eliminate symptoms.Many people throughout the world suffer from allergy symptoms, which are caused by triggers. The triggers found in the home can be particularly aggravating because people spend the majority of their time there. The good news is that many people suffer unnecessarily, and you can actually reduce or perhaps even eliminate those symptoms while in the home by removing the … Continue reading

Air pollution is attributable to over 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.A new study by the Society for Risk Analysis has concluded that ozone and particle pollution cause more premature deaths each year than automobile accidents, which was long considered the leading cause. According to the study, particle air pollution causes at least 100,000 premature deaths in the United States alone. Ozone pollution adds tens of thousands of more deaths to … Continue reading

The CDC and EPA provide strategies for protecting your family in the event of a wildfire.The U.S. experiences over 100,000 wildfires every year, which burn more than 5 million acres of land combined. Under optimal climate conditions, a wildfire can spread at a rate of 14 miles per hour and easily consume any burnable item in its path.

The destructive capabilities of its flames are not the only danger that a wildfire presents. Wildfires generate … Continue reading

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