Control Your Pet Allergies, Don’t Let Them Control You

Why pet allergies occur, and steps you can take to deal with a pet allergy.Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience; they provide entertainment, companionship and joy to thousands of people every day. Dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular pets around; unfortunately, many people who would like to adopt one of these furry friends discover that they are allergic to them. Having pet allergies doesn't have to dash all your hopes of adopting one, though; instead, it means you'll have to take a little more care than others in keeping your pet - and your home - clean, among other things.

What Are Pet Allergies?

Contrary to popular belief, pet allergies are not caused by pet hair. Instead, it is the dead skin (dander) and the saliva of certain animals that cause allergies in many people. Therefore, even if you shaved a pet bald (not recommended), your allergic reaction would continue unabated. Pet dander is microscopic and can get into many different areas of the home - and floats through the air, inhaled frequently by anyone inside the house. The microscopic quality of pet dander is what makes it so insidious - and why people who have allergies to it can't seem to find relief without leaving the premises. If you are unsure about whether or not you have pet allergies, you should find out before adopting a pet. Otherwise, you may find out too late and have to find your new friend a whole new home. Rather than put yourself - and the pet - through such a disappointment, it is smart to "babysit" a friend or family member's pet for a couple of days to gauge the reaction that you and your family has. If no one in the home seems affected by the presence of the animal, then no pet allergies are likely. However, if people cough, sneeze, have itchy and watery eyes or experience other negative reactions, then different measures are probably in order.

How to Deal with a Pet Allergy

Depending on the severity of your pet allergy, there are ways to learn to live with it. Some people opt to keep their pet outdoors. If you live in an area where the weather is good year-round, this might be feasible; however, if you live in a place that experiences harsh winters, this option is off the table. Also, many people feel that it is inhumane to keep a domestic animal outdoors all the time, and miss the ability to snuggle on a sofa with their favorite furry friend. Keeping your pet outdoors probably won't be a viable option for you. Keeping your pet as clean as possible can help tremendously in your battle over pet allergies. Dogs should be groomed at least a couple of times per month, for instance. This can reduce the amount of dander they shed, and keep their saliva from getting all over their fur. Cats generally keep themselves quite clean on their own; however, you can assist them from time to time by purchasing a good brush and brushing out their fur. This not only helps control your allergies, but makes your pet that much more fun to cuddle with. In addition to keeping your pet as clean as possible, it is important to maintain excellent housekeeping routines at all times. By keeping your house as clean as can be, the amount of pet dander embedded in carpets, sofas, rugs and other places can be kept to a minimum - and your allergies can be kept in check more easily. If possible, purchase a high quality vacuum cleaner that is designed to contend with pet hair and dander - it can make a world of difference for your allergy relief.

HEPA Air Purifiers and Pet Allergies

Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do to keep your pet allergies at bay is to purchase a high quality HEPA air purifier, such as the Austin Air Pet Machine. This system can remove the vast majority of pet dander from the air, making it more breathable and reducing the irritating effects of the air on your sensitive respiratory passageways. In addition, the US-made Pet Machine contains 15 lbs of specially formulated activated carbon that can eliminate noxious odors, including pet urine odor. This machine continually works to purify the air, improving overall indoor air quality and helping you manage your allergies at the same time. At Clean Air Plus, we understand the power that HEPA air purifiers can have in dealing with pet allergies, and are thrilled to supply top brands from manufacturers like Austin Air. If you would like to adopt a pet but need to manage your pet allergies, look no further than Clean Air Plus for all of your air purifier needs. You can definitely have the best of both worlds with your pet, thanks to Clean Air Plus.