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A Possible Link between Air Pollution and Preterm Birth 0

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The September 2009 issue of the journal Epidemiology reports that research indicates there may be a link between air pollution and preterm birth in expecting mothers. The report is reluctant to make a definite link between the two phenomenons; however, the evidence that has been gathered through the extensive study is quite compelling. 

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Control Your Pet Allergies, Don’t Let Them Control You 0

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Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience; they provide entertainment, companionship and joy to thousands of people every day. Dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular pets around; unfortunately, many people who would like to adopt one of these furry friends discover that they are allergic to them. Having pet allergies doesn't have to dash all your hopes of adopting one.

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USDOH Lists Formaldehyde and Styrene as Carcinogens 0

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The U.S. Department of Health (DOH) maintains a list of chemicals called the Report on Carcinogens that can increase risk of cancer and both formaldehyde and styrene are listed. One reason why this is important to the average person is that styrene and formaldehyde are the primary components in Styrofoam and other household products. 

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Allergy Products Worth Their Cost 0

Allergy Triggers Image-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states that more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. It's little wonder why the market for allergy-relief products is big business. A myriad of products claim to relieve the sniffles, sneezing, coughing, and other aches and pains that come with allergies, but we all wonder, do these products really do what they say? 
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HEPA Filters Help Trap and Disable Bioaerosols 0

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Although most people are probably unfamiliar with bioaerosols, many people have likely been exposed to them many times in their lives. Bioaerosols are airborne biological particulate matter that can create a slew of unpleasant and undesirable symptoms in people who are exposed to them. Scientists are continually looking for ways to clean these types of bacteria from the air.

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How HEPA Air Purifiers Help Keep Operating Rooms Safer 0

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There's no question that we have come a long way in terms of preventing the spread of infectious diseases in our hospitals and operating rooms. It's hard to imagine that just over a hundred years ago, surgeons rarely even washed their hands or wore protective clothing when performing their work. Today, HEPA air purifiers are providing an added layer of defense. 

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Safeguarding against Wildfire Smoke 0

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The U.S. experiences over 100,000 wildfires every year, which burn more than 5 million acres of land combined. Under optimal climate conditions, a wildfire can spread at a rate of 14 miles per hour and easily consume any burnable item in its path. The destructive capabilities of its flames are not the only danger that a wildfire presents. Wildfires generate a tremendous amount of smoke.

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Polluted Cities Listed In The State Of The Air Report 0

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The American Lung Association's report the ”State of the Air 2017” found continued improvement in air quality in 2013—2015 in ozone and year-round particle pollution, but an unrelenting increase in dangerous spikes in particle pollution. The number of people exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution dropped to more than 125 million people.

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The Ugly Truth about Indoor Air Quality 0

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Depending on where you live, you may be accustomed to a seasonal yellow blanket of pollen that covers everything. The pine trees cause it, and it can be particularly bad in areas with dense pine tree populations. In fact, it can be so bad that it coats entire homes and even lakes in a yellowish film. For those who’ve never seen it before, it’s a wonder of nature. 

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Protecting Your Family from Wildfire Smoke 0

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Dry conditions in parts of the United States increase the potential for wildfires in or near wilderness areas. Stay alert for wildfire warnings and take action to protect yourself and your family from wildfire smoke. When wildfires burn in your area, they produce smoke that may reach your community. Smoke from wildfires is a mixture of gases and fine particles from burning trees and other plant materials. 

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