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7 Tips for a Healthier, More Restful Bedroom Environment

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When you are at home the majority of your time is more than likely spent in your bedroom. This is especially true when you factor in the six to eight hours of sleep you get every night. A bedroom is supposed to be your quiet sanctuary. A place to rest up and rejuvenate for the coming day. Unfortunately, there are silent predators polluting the air which compromise those precious hours of sleep.

How to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

It is important to make sure your bedroom is as hospitable as possible since it plays such a pivotal role in your life.  Indoor air is anywhere from three to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Because of this, it is essential to remove these pollutants instead of silently breathing them in. Here are seven tips to ensure a higher quality environment:

  1. Reduce – Remove unnecessary clutter whether it is furniture, piles of blankets or other needless items that just become dust collectors. A bedroom should ideally contain only a bed, nightstand and dresser. Televisions and computers introduce even more chemicals into the air and should be kept out of the bedroom as well.

  2. Downsize Books – The pages within books are a prime habitat for dust mites and other germs.  Having bookshelves in the bedroom just adds more contaminants to the air. Reading books is a great way to unwind before going to bed though so just make sure to freeze the book you are reading before bringing it into the bedroom.

  3. Go Green, but Not too Green – While studies have shown that plants are helpful in removing various toxins from the air, too many can cause problems. Mold can grow on top of the soil, defeating the purpose of having plants in the bedroom. Have a couple of plants, but do not have so many that your bedroom is a humid, germ-harboring jungle.

  4. Air Out Dry Cleaned Clothes – Dry cleaning utilizes chemicals which will evaporate into the air in your closet and seep out into your bedroom. Allow them to air out in a more ventilated area before bringing them into the bedroom.

  5. Create a No Shoes Policy – We wear shoes to protect our feet from contaminants, but it only makes sense to remove them before entering the bedroom. Shoes track in all sorts of pollutants including pesticides, dirt and various other chemicals. If your shoes have to stay in your room, allow them to air out somewhere else before storing them.

  6. Remove Your Carpet – Hardwood floors or ceramic tiles are the best route to go for flooring. Carpet harbors dust mites and other germs and creates a perfect breeding ground. Even constant vacuuming cannot keep such a perfect breeding ground in check. These contaminants float up and cause a whole host of allergies and upper respiratory problems.

  7. Clean the Air- with a HEPA Air Purifier – This is the most important suggestion and one of the easiest to implement immediately. An efficient air purifier   removes 99.97% of toxins and particles from the air and is essentially the only way to ensure clean air.

HEPA Air Purifiers Ensure a Beneficial Night’s Sleep

A HEPA air purifier is essential if you want to improve the quality of your bedroom and make it the haven it should be. Carbon filters, utilized by higher quality models, remove the tiniest of particles from the air. This includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical and gas vapors, beyond capturing common particles like dust and pollen. It is a practical purchase for allergy and sinus relief.

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