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Achieving Optimal Indoor Air Quality in Five Easy Steps

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Many people consider their home a sanctuary, but the truth is that our homes often have many hidden dangers. One such danger is air pollution. Although many people associate pollution with outdoor air, indoor air usually presents the greatest health risk due to the high concentration levels. With that in mind, let’s consider five simple steps anyone can take to improve their indoor air quality.

  1. Provide clean air naturally: The first step is to provide your home environment with a natural, healthy base, and you can achieve that through common household plants. Plants are a natural air purification system, and they also provide natural air freshening and beauty. In fact, you simply can’t have too many houseplants or too much natural air purification. There’s one risk to plants, however, and that comes with overwatering, which can actually lead to the presence of mold spores in your air. If you’re not sure which plants to choose, consider the most popular options: Ficus, Aloe Vera, Boston fern and English Ivy.

  2. Avoid furniture that emits VOCs: A lot of furniture on the market actually pollutes indoor air by emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Common culprits are halogenated fire retardants and the toxic chemicals present in stain. Not only are these VOCs dangerous, but they continue to seep into your home’s air over time, and this process can actually last for many years. This seeping is quite dangerous, particularly for children, even in homes that have ample ventilation and filtration. Opt for non-toxic stains and other finishes, and if you must buy furniture with polyurethane foam, ensure that the foam is well insulated.

  3. Trap pollutants at the entry points of your home: There’s great wisdom to the Japanese custom of removing one’s shoes at the door. You might be surprised to learn that the greatest indoor pollution sources are generally not airborne at all, at least initially, and are instead tracked into the home on the bottom of our shoes. Be sure to have floor mats both inside and outside all doors, and clean and replace those mats on a regular basis. Ideally, you should have hardwood floors throughout your home, but it’s especially important in foyers and the hallways connected to them.

  4. Dust and vacuum often: You simply can’t dust or vacuum too much. Dust and then vacuum extensively at least once a week, and try to supplement that by spot dusting on the other days. Make it a habit of dusting a room, waiting 15 minutes or so and then vacuuming the entire area. It’s also wise to invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner that employs some form of HEPA filtration. Normal vacuuming tends to redistribute more dust than it collects, and you can all but eliminate that by using a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Use a HEPA air purifier: Air filtration is essential to maintaining optimal indoor air quality, and the best air purification technology available is HEPA. HEPA was created during the Manhattan Project to prevent radiation from seeping into other parts of the lab, and it’s still used today at all U.S. hospitals and military bases and most throughout the world. The American Lung Association recommends it, and the Department of Energy uses it as the standard by which all other air filtration technology is evaluated. Choose an air purifier that uses medical-grade HEPA and has enough airflow for the size of your home.


The best way to protect your family at home and to protect your employees at work is to choose a HEPA air purifier. Although a HEPA air purifier is the most important step, it’s not the only one. In order to ensure its optimal efficiency you have to ensure that the home or business is properly ventilated, clean on a regular basis and change the filter media on a schedule, per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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