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Air Purifiers and Odor Elimination


Stinky House Image-Clean Air PlusNobody wants to live in a stinky home, yet the very act of going about your daily business can make the air in your home less than pleasant. Between cooking, cleaning, smoking and many other activities, your home can begin to smell not-so-fresh in no time flat. Lighting up candles not only merely masks the problem, but can actually contribute to poor indoor air quality as well. How is one supposed to deal with odors in the home effectively, without compromising the quality of the air at the same time? These days, more people are turning to air purifiers as a solution.

Odors in The Home

Your home doesn't have to stink to high heavens for it to be a bit smelly. Chemical fumes, tobacco smoke, cooking smells and many other things can all combine to give your home a rather pungent odor. Although there are plenty of deodorizers and other similar products on the market today, all they really do is cover up the problem and don't really get at the root of the issue. All the while, those odors are signifying compromised indoor air quality - and you and your family are inhaling all sorts of airborne particulates that could be damaging your health. Everybody knows that if a piece of rotting fruit is making a kitchen smell bad, it must be thrown away before the odor will subside. The same goes for odors in the air in your home, with one minor exception: Sometimes, getting rid of the cause of the problem just isn't possible. For instance, you can't expect not to cook in your own home - so how are you supposed to effectively eliminate cooking odors? If you own pets, you certainly don't want to give them up - what are you supposed to do? The answer lies in air purifiers.

How Air Purifiers Eliminate Odors

Not all air purifiers are created equal. The very best air purifiers will not only remove airborne particulates, but will eliminate and neutralize odors as well. Air purifiers use several different methods for eliminating odors in the home. Whether it's through a genuine HEPA air filter, an activated carbon filter or a combination of those, the very best air purifiers rely on a variety of means to make the air in your home as clean as possible. Rather than merely cycling air through and sending it back out, these air purifiers actually capture the microscopic airborne particulates that often harbor the odor-causing culprits, taking them out of circulation and leaving your home fresher and cleaner.

About Adsorption

Although many people think it must be a typo, "adsorption" is a real term and refers to a chemical reaction by which vapors and other odor-causing gases are made to cling to charcoal. Activated carbon filters are the means by which air cleaners make this happen, and the very best models include generous amounts of activated carbon for precisely that reason. Where other filters may let gases, fumes and vapors escape unscathed, activated carbon filters use adsorption to suck them in and hold them tight. They are removed from the air in your home, along with their offensive odors. 

HEPA Filters and Odor Elimination

In addition to activated carbon filters, HEPA filters are definitely the best weapon against odors that you can use. Air purifiers that use a HEPA filter are highly effective when it comes to cleaning the air in a home. Since they are capable of filtering out up to 99.97% of airborne particulates and other pollutants, HEPA air purifiers are head and shoulders above the competition. Not only that, but they can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns in size - many of which harbor the very particles that can cause odors in the home.

Reduce Odors in Your Home with Clean Air Plus

At Clean Air Plus, we not only think that the air that you breathe should be clean - we think it should smell nice, too. Start breathing easier, and enjoying a more appealing home environment, by getting a HEPA air purifier today.


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