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Wildfire Smoke... is very hazardous to your health. Protect yourself with an air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration.

Air Purifier Benefits for COPD Sufferers

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COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and it’s the #3 leading cause of death in the United States. The most common forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. At least 12 million adult Americans have been diagnosed with COPD, and experts estimate at least another 12 million people remain undiagnosed with this disease.

The EPA warns that air pollution aggravates COPD and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of premature deaths in the U.S. each year. In addition, medical studies actually demonstrate a link between air pollution and the onset of COPD. In response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an advisement to reduce air pollution in the home and workplace via proper air filtration. A proper air purifier system, such as one that uses a HEPA filter, can remove nearly all of the airborne indoor particles associated with COPD. On the flipside, air cleaners that emit ozone will prove ineffective, and they can actually do more harm to your health.

Here are four tips of air purification technology for the home and workplace:

  1. Opt for HEPA filtration. HEPA filtration is the technology recommended by Byron Thomashow, MD, professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and chairman of the COPD Foundation. HEPA filters remove particulates by trapping them within the filtration media, where the particles remain embedded until the filter is disposed.

  2. Avoid air cleaners that produce ozone. Ozone can irritate and even damage the lungs, and it is particularly dangerous for those suffering from COPD. In fact, the American Lung Association along with many other health organizations warn consumers from purchasing such devices.

  3. Avoid air cleaners that operate via ionization. These filters emit ions, which bind to air pollution particles. These bound particles can then adhere to walls and other surfaces where they will remain and gas-off harmful substances. The EPA warns that ionizers can actually cause you to breathe in more dangerous particles than you would if the home’s air was unfiltered.

  4. Ignore CADR ratings. CADR stands for clean air delivery rate, and it was developed by a trade association as a marketing tool. The problem with CADR is that it is not a measure of long-term effectiveness, and it does not indicate if the particles are trapped in the unit or on surfaces through ionization.

Modern filtration technology has presented an effective solution to the dangers of indoor air pollution and  COPD sufferers benefit greatly by using their HEPA air purifier. With a top quality HEPA air purifier you can breathe easier and ensure that your children are living in the healthiest environment possible. So what are you waiting for? 


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