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Wildfire Smoke... is very hazardous to your health. Protect yourself with an air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration.

Air Purifiers 101

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If you have never used an air purifier, then you could very well be unaware of the many key health benefits and other advantages they bring to the table. As people become more and more aware of the dangers of breathing polluted air, a great deal more emphasis has been placed on the importance of indoor air quality. Considering that the average person draws nine out of ten breaths indoors, it's easy to see why indoor air quality matters. Air purifiers are more popular than ever thanks to this increased interest but do you know how to find the right one?

What Are Common Indoor Air Pollutants?

Before shopping for an air purifier, it helps to get an idea about what exactly you're going to be fighting against. If you're unconvinced about whether or not the air in your home is clean, it's smart to educate yourself about the most common indoor air pollutants. Mold, dust mites, pollen and pet dander are just a few of the things that can typically be found swirling around inside a home. VOCs - volatile organic compounds - are also quite common. They are emitted from common household items and can compromise your health.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Now that you have a basic idea about what you're dealing with, you need to know how air purifiers work. There are many different options and configurations available in air purifiers today. Knowing which features matter - and which don't - can make you a savvier shopper.

  • Electrostatic Filters- Some air cleaners contain electrostatic filters. Particles become trapped on collector plates due to an electrostatic charge. The downside to this method is that the collector plates must be cleaned frequently; otherwise, the air cleaner loses its effectiveness and won't make the air in your home as clean as possible.
  • Charged Media Filters- Before entering a traditional filter, charged media filters give particles an electrostatic charge. This may increase efficiency; however, these filters also present some very real disadvantages. They must be changed very frequently, and they may emit ozone which can actually compromise the air quality of your home.
  • Activated Carbon Filters- Some of the very best air purifier models contain activated carbon filters. Using a chemical reaction involving carbon, these filters remove vapors, VOCs and other gaseous substances from the air, causing them to stick to the carbon and get removed from the air in your home. They are also great at removing odors from the air as well.
  • HEPA Air Filters- The big daddy of the air purifier world - as well as the gold standard - is the true HEPA air filter. Using a complex layer of fibers, these filters can trap up to 99.97% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. Relied on by hospitals, the military and several other top notch facilities, true HEPA air filters are something that you should insist on in any air purifier you purchase.

Where to Use HEPA Air Purifiers

If the benefits of using a HEPA air purifier have convinced you to invest in one, you are probably wondering where and how they can be used. For best results, your air purifier should be placed a few feet away from any walls or other obstructions. You should run your HEPA air purifier continuously in order to get the most benefits from it. For maximum benefits, use an air purifier in every room in your home.

Air Purifiers to Avoid

Without a doubt, HEPA air purifiers are the very best ones available. However, there are certain air cleaners that you should avoid, and that Clean Air Plus does not stock. Ionizing air cleaners and ozone generators are two examples of purifiers that actually make the indoor air quality of your home worse. Avoid them at all costs, even if their lower price tag seems enticing. Breathing ozone is very bad for your health and using these products can add excessive levels of it in no time flat. Steer clear of those models and stick with models sold and supplied by Clean Air Plus.

When you purchase a HEPA air purifier, you can rest assured that you are improving the indoor air quality of your home in the safest and most effective way possible. From the moment you order your air purifier to the second it arrives at your door, it couldn't be easier than ordering from Clean Air Plus.


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