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Amaircare: The Story behind the Air Purifier Manufacturer

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While so many people start businesses strictly to make money and earn a major profit, Jim Woods started Amaircare because he wanted to help others learn what he had about the importance of air purification. Since founding Amaircare in 1992, Woods has helped it become one of the most respected air purifier manufacturers in the world. Competition is fierce within the industry, but Amaircare air purifiers consistently uphold the quality and technology behind their product line. To find out how Woods found his way to becoming the CEO of Amaircare – and how he turned it into such a successful enterprise – we must look back at East Germany circa 1992.

The Story behind Amaircare

In 1992, Jim Woods was charged with the task of finding a way to protect people from the deadly radioactive contamination caused by the improper use and disposal of radioactive materials. Woods threw himself into the task, looking at a multitude of ways to protect people from harm. After studying many different possibilities, Woods settled upon HEPA air filtration as the likeliest way to efficiently and effectively remove radioactive particles from the air that people breathe. He discovered that only HEPA grade filters could successfully clean those particles from the air. With that knowledge he turned to a small Toronto air purifier manufacturer to supply the machines.

After seeing the remarkable results achieved by the HEPA air purifiers, Jim Woods was inspired. He wanted to bring clean, pure air to the homes of average, everyday people. He was convinced that HEPA technology had many benefits including– allergy, sinus, and asthma relief, to name just a few – could change the lives of millions of people. Rather than looking to make a quick buck, Woods turned an earnest desire to help others into the founding of Amaircare in 1992.

Woods actually ended up buying out the small, Toronto-based air purifier manufacturer and he named it Amaircare. Right from the start, Amaircare had only one goal in mind: to provide the best HEPA air purifiers possible to its customers. Since 1992, Amaircare has continually sought to improve upon existing technologies, keeping one step ahead of the competition in regards to portable and whole house air cleaning products. Today, the name Amaircare is synonymous with sound construction and impeccable quality in the minds of many consumers. Buying a product from Amaircare guarantees that you’re providing the best air purifying technology for your home.

The Quality Construction behind the Name

Today, Amaircare is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario outside of Toronto. Every single Amaircare filter is run through a rigorous series of tests to ensure their quality. Each unit is tested for air flow delivery and a 0.3 micron laser is used to test the HEPA filters for optimal effectiveness. In other words, Amaircare takes a no holds barred approach to guaranteeing that the products they sell are of the best design possible.

In addition to the rigorous testing employed by Amaircare, each of their units is made out of the best possible materials. Their frames, for example, are made out of cold rolled steel. This eliminates the problem of off gassing that is so common in other manufacturer's products. On top of that, Amaircare doesn’t use any toxic glues or other bonding products to put their HEPA filters together. After all, using such things would largely negate the effectiveness of a machine that is designed to clean the air. With Amaircare, you truly get the cleanest air possible.

Air Purification inside the Home and Elsewhere

Amaircare has further made a name for itself by not only providing exceptional air filtration systems for within the home but portable air purifiers as well. Designed for commercial and industrial settings, the 6000V Airwash model is considered to be the most powerful room filtration unit available. The portable Amaircare 2500 and Amaircare 3000 models offer exceptional air filtration for mid to large-sized rooms in the home or office. The compact-sized Amaircare Roomaid model can be easily transported from place to place, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Amaircare's top of the line air purification – and improving indoor air quality – no matter where you go. 

Order an Amaircare HEPA Air Purifier Today

If you’d like to enjoy all of the benefits of clean air and improve your home’s indoor air quality, you can order one of Amaircare's fine products from Clean Air Plus today.

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