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Americans Contend with Dangerous Air Pollution Levels

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A study by the American Lung Association indicated that nearly half of the population in the United States, or approximately 147.6 million, lived in areas where the air is dangerous due to air pollution and contaminants. 

More than 48-percent of the population resides in a county where the ozone levels are dangerously high, 20-percent reside in areas where there are too many short-term pollution spikes and 6-percent live in an area where the airborne particle pollution is at a harmful level year round. Nearly 28 million Americans live in a place where all three of those hazards are constantly present.

Our lungs are rather resilient, but much of the research into air pollution is quite alarming, and scientists are concerned that this pollution is threatening our entire health and not just our lungs. On days when smog (ozone) spikes the cities experiences a significant increase in hospital admissions for cardiac arrest, heart attacks, strokes and an array of respiratory illnesses more severe than asthma and allergies. Despite lower pollution levels, the pollution affects more people overall and people tend to expose themselves to it for longer periods.  

The most significant factor, however, is poor indoor air quality. Pollution and contamination levels are higher in indoor air than they are in outdoor air because of the concentration. What makes matters worse is that building techniques have improved significantly, so builders seal new homes more tightly than they ever have. In other words, while levels may be down overall outdoors, levels may actually be up considerably indoors. Compounding the issue is that most of us spend the bulk of our time indoors. In fact, studies indicate that most people spend at least 90-percent of their time indoors. That means that most people spend the majority of their time breathing in highly poisonous air, which is why so many health organizations, in the US and throughout the world, promote the use of HEPA air filtration, in residences and in the workplace.

A high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a sophisticated filtration process that removes the particulates associated with deadly air pollution. In fact, HEPA air purifiers remove 99.97 percent of all airborne particulate matter at least 0.3 microns in size. It’s also highly efficient at removing airborne particulates such as dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and others.

At Clean Air Plus, we’re working diligently to spread the word about the dangers of indoor air pollution. Don’t procrastinate another moment. Order a HEPA air purifier today and begin reaping the benefits of clean pure air.


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