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Austin Air Purifiers Allergy Machine — A Life-Changing Investment

Infant And Mother-Clean Air Plus

I’m a skeptic by nature, perhaps to a fault. There had been times in the past when I read articles about how HEPA air purifiers, portable ones no less, could reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. In some mild cases, they even claimed that the air purifier had eradicated the symptoms completely. I always disregarded those claims offhand, and I never cared enough to challenge them. I was comfortable in my beliefs. I took the cleanliness of my home seriously, but the notion that dust and particles too small to see could actually be diminishing my health was just too ridiculous to entertain.

Enter my daughter, Olivia, a beautiful baby, my third but first girl, who had difficulty breathing as soon as we brought her home. My husband and I were frantic. Just holding her, we could see and feel her wheezing in a way that was horrifying to us. That first time we called the doctor, we were sure that he was going to tell us that there was something seriously wrong with her respiratory system. He did find something wrong, although it was not as serious as we had feared: it was a mild case of infant asthma. We had to monitor her, keep a journal and eventually he put her on medication.

By the time Olivia was five, we had mostly learned to manage her asthma, and most of the time, things were so peaceful that we could even forget she had it. But then one of the severe attacks would happen, and for the umpteenth time we would talk to the doctor, at which point he might adjust the medication. He never gave us any other recourse, however. Finally, after one particularly nasty attack around the age of six, I took Olivia to see a respiratory specialist. It was something that I should have done a long time ago.

The first things the doctor asked me was what was the relative humidity in my home on average and did I use an air purifier. I didn’t know the answer to the first question (I do now), and of course, the answer to the second question was no. After running some tests on Olivia, the doctor told me that Arizona (I live in Scottsdale) could be particularly hard on asthma and allergy sufferers because of the dust. Even in extremely clean homes, the fine dust levels could be very high, which could severely worsen the symptoms. That was when he pointed me to the Austin Air Allergy Machine, the air purifier he used for his asthma, and to Clean Air Plus, the company that sold him his unit.

That afternoon I went home, got online and ordered the Austin Air Allergy Machine from Clean Air Plus. A few days later, it arrived. I opened the box. It was all ready to go, so I moved it into Olivia’s room, plugged it in and turned it on. By the weekend, my husband, who sometimes suffers from allergies, swore that he felt a difference; he could breathe easier, he said. I myself had been sleeping better, although I was quick to chalk it up to the peace of mind just being proactive about Olivia’s asthma had given me. Olivia felt great too, and soon days became weeks became months.

The next time we met with the specialist, Olivia’s asthma symptoms had diminished so sharply that he suggested reducing the medication. This was before we had even changed the filter for the first time. Over the next year, as her symptoms continued to diminish and the severe attacks became non-existent, the doctor continued to reduce the medication until eventually we discontinued use of it altogether. My husband and two sons, who had all been sporadic allergy sufferers, hadn’t experienced any symptoms at all since we had made the purchase, including their apparent allergies to my two cats.

Recently, we moved into a larger home. Our beloved Austin Air Allergy Machine was simply not powerful to handle a dual-level home with a basement. We called Clean Air Plus and ordered two more standard sized units, plus two of the Allergy Machine Jr sized units. That gives us the luxury of putting one in each bedroom, and it gives us an extra one that we can have in the main living area or easily move to where the main activity is.

The Austin Air Allergy Machine is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and I was happy to give Clean Air Plus my business again and again and again and again. Owning five units really is a testament to how affordable and easy these machines are to maintain. Thank you so much Austin Air Systems and thank you Clean Air Plus. You’ve made an incredible difference in my life.

Diane M., Scottsdale, AZ

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Recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers who require the ultimate in particulate filtration, the Austin Air Allergy Machine quickly and efficiently eliminates allergens and irritants from your indoor air. The Allergy Machine's superior performance is achieved using the most effective filtration technology available: medical-grade HEPA filtration and military carbon cloth media. Proudly made in the USA in Austin Air's state-of-the-art facility, the Allergy Machine is one of our most highly rated and widely recommended air purifiers and will ensure that your family breathes clean, healthy air that is free of dangerous pollutants. Order the Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifier today and experience the relief you deserve from allergens.

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