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Austin Air Purifiers Allergy Machine – Peace of Mind for Pre-Asthmatics

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If you have pre-asthma you're in a tricky situation. You're not perfectly healthy, but you're not really sick. It's not quite asthma, but the potential is there, making it a tenuous position. You always have to be aware of your health and on guard in case it gets worse. For me, chest tightness due to allergic triggers was the big clue, especially on days with a lot of pollen in the air. I wanted a way to protect myself, both from the terrible constricting feeling and from the possibility that it could get worse.

The Austin Air Allergy Machine seemed like the right choice for me, so I decided to get one. I'm glad I did. It helped me clean the air I breathe, lower the number of triggers I'm exposed to, and manage my pre-asthma. What's great about the Austin Air Allergy Machine is that it's specifically designed for people with allergies. It gets rid of pollen and dust, especially, two things that I've found really affect me. The air purifier has a medical-grade HEPA filter included, so I know it's filtering even the tiniest particles. My apartment is pretty open and I find that this air purifier cleans all the air, no matter what room it's placed in. It comes with wheels, so I can move it if I want to.

Maintenance is a snap, too. You just vacuum the external vents every so often and that's it. You're supposed to replace the filter every 5 years. I haven't had to yet, but a 5 year filter is a dream compared to some of the other models I was researching. Often the instructions required you to open up the casing and manually clean it every few weeks or replace filters every few months. No, thank you.

The Allergy Machine catches all the nasty stuff in my air and I never have to worry about it. Many people have said that it helps clear out odors. I've definitely noticed a difference in the air since I began using it, though I can't really judge its ability to get rid of things like smoke. I've mainly used it for airborne allergens. Still, people were pretty positive about the issue of odor-clearing, so that may be a bonus for those who want an air purifier that both controls allergens and neutralizes odors.


Austin Air has been highly recommended for its great customer service. From my research, a lot of people were really happy with the way the company treated them, even when they had problems. For example, when filters didn't last the full 5 years, Austin Air discounted the cost of replacements. Amazing! Plus, if you think about it, it costs more to replace all those filters and even replace the air purifiers when they inevitably break. Austin Air struck me as a good value and I've found that to be true. It's not without downsides, like any purchase.

The Allergy Machine can be a bit loud at the higher settings. The noise isn't grating, but it is noticeable. If I ever want to turn it up to the max setting, I do so when I'm away. Even so, it works great on the medium to low settings and you can barely even hear it. I love the idea that it's always on, scrubbing the air clean for me, and I don't even have to think about it. I'm determined to manage my allergies and ensure my pre-asthma stays in check. I feel like The Allergy Machine helps me protect myself from airborne irritants that can cause allergic reactions and make my symptoms worse. I can smell the difference that comes when you breathe in clean air. And that gives me peace of mind. So for me, this air purifier has worked wonders. I highly recommend it to my friends with allergies. I'm just sorry I didn't find it years ago.

Elizabeth B., Lexington, MA

Invest in an Allergy Machine Today

Proudly made in the USA, the Austin Allergy Machine efficiently removes the allergens and irritants that are typically the primary cause of allergies and asthma. Featuring a high capacity medical grade HEPA filter, this model is one of our top-rated air purifiers for eliminating coarse and fine dust particles, while ensuring that the air you and your children breathe is as clean and healthy as it can possibly be. Get an Austin Air Allergy Machine and begin enjoying the peace of mind that comes with this ultimate level of protection.

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