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Austin Air Joins Forces with National Sleep Foundation

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Austin Air, which is the leading manufacturer of indoor air purifiers in the United States, entered into a partnership with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). The goal of this joint effort was to create an NSF-branded HEPA air purifier specially designed for use in the bedroom. Austin Air and the NSF introduced the successful result of their collaboration (the Austin Air  Bedroom Machine ) air purifier at the Big Sleep Show hosted in Washington DC. 

At the announcement, David M. Cloud, the CEO of the NSF, spoke at length about the partnership, the process and the result of the collaboration. The consistent theme in what he said was that the connection between sleep and air quality is often overlooked, and it certainly hasn’t gotten enough attention from the scientific community. They set out to change that, and they chose Austin Air as their partner because Austin Air is one of the most-respected air purifier manufacturers in the worldwide industry.

Designed exclusively by Austin Air using vital research data provided by the NSF, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine Filter Image-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersBedroom Machine is state of the art, and like all Austin Air purifier models, it employs a sophisticated HEPA filter that is able to extract 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. In addition, the Bedroom Machine contains a 15 lb. specially formulated activated Carbon/Zeolite blend filter along with a large density HEGA (high efficiency gas absorption) filter. These three impressive levels of filtration deliver the most comprehensive air purifying solution available. The Bedroom Machine removes virtually all airborne pollutants, including dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, chemicals, odors, smoke, and other allergens and irritants.

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine air purifier was so successful that a number of universities chose it for scientific study right then at the joint announcement. One was the University of Buffalo, which chose it for an array of studies involving environment and asthma. Another was Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, which selected it for one of their high-profile studies researching the link between asthma and indoor air pollution.

The Bedroom Machine is not a high-priced unit. In fact, the NSF’s involvement hinged on being able to deliver an air purifier accessible to the masses for anyone who was experiencing difficulty sleeping due to breathing issues correctable through purer air. At a US retail price of $765, Austin Air was able to go beyond the NSF’s expectations in that regard.

About The National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation’s mission is to improve sleep health and safety through research, advocacy, education and awareness. NSF is a scientific, educational, charitable not-for-profit entity based in Washington, DC. NSF membership includes clinicians, doctors, researchers and scientists from numerous fields focused on sleep and sleep medicine. Those who want more information about the NSF should visit them at

About Austin Air

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. It is also the story of Austin Air’s origin. Joyce Taylor had difficulty breathing since childhood, and it had only worsened as an adult. All the doctors, specialists, medications and dietary changes amounted to nothing. It was then that Richard Taylor got the idea to ease her breathing as much as possible by delivering the purest air possible. He used the same techniques used in hospital clean rooms, such as medical-grade HEPA filtration. Joyce experienced an immediate reduction in symptoms and her first undisturbed sleep in years. A business was born, and today, the 480,000-square-feet Austin Air facility in the is the largest like it in the world. All Austin Air purifiers are manufactured in the USA.

The primary way Austin Air reaches its clients is through its dealer network and Clean Air Plus is one of the top dealer's of that network. Clean Air Plus distinguishes itself from other dealers through our expertise and hands-on familiarity with the air purifiers we sell. Purchase your Austin Air Bedroom Machine today. It's a decision you'll be glad you made.

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