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Austin Air Purifiers: Cleaning the Air after 9/11

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Air purifiers are smart purchases for allergy and asthma sufferers and others who want to breathe clean, contaminant free air. In recent years, as technology has improved, High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption, HEPA filters have become an intricate component of top quality air purifiers. However, this intricate filtering process isn't a new idea. In fact, HEPA was used as far back as the 1940s to capture radioactive particles from the surrounding environment during the Manhattan Project. HEPA filters protected people’s breathing environment then and now. Austin Air has continued that tradition with the U.S. Government choosing them when the need for clean air was at its greatest. With widespread tragedies on American soil, including the disposal of deadly gases, the U.S. Government has used Austin Air purifiers on many occasions to protect citizens from the dangers of severe air pollution.

Cleaning the Air after 9/11

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the U.S. by hijacking commercial jetliners. With two airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York City, these towering buildings came down into a horrifying pile of rubble. While finding survivors was paramount, there was also a concern about air quality. When the towers fell, dust and debris polluted the air for many days and even far away from the epicenter of the destruction. Rescuers risked their immediate and future health by breathing in these fumes. The U.S. Government, including FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, found a smart way to help clear the air around the rescue site by using Austin Air purifiers. Rescue crews weren't the only ones suffering from the poor air quality in Manhattan. As the polluted air spread, residents began feeling the effects of the harmful contaminants, with many developing asthma and other breathing problems as a result. Fortunately, Austin Air teamed with FEMA to provide air purifiers to many residents throughout Manhattan even long after the most significant threat was gone. In fact, without that help, many of those people simply wouldn't have been able to remain in the area. Since these purifiers remove 99.97% of all airborne contaminants, even during an event like this, residents were able to breathe indoor air that was clean and safe. 

Austin Air:  Chosen by the U.S. Government

The events of 9/11 changed the way we think as a country. One of the measures the U.S. Government took was to destroy stockpiles of deadly gases which could have been used in a terrorist attack against its citizens.

Near the town of Anniston, Alabama, the U.S. Government had a storage facility full of mustard and sarin gas. These chemical weapons were powerful in past wars but were in need of disposal. Incinerating the chemicals was the best solution; however, area residents were deeply and understandably concerned. The incineration potentially could cause an influx of toxic chemicals into the local air which would then find their way into homes and schools. In order to protect these residents, the U.S. government purchased Austin Air purifiers and distributed them to any residence that was in close proximity to the incineration sites.

What makes Austin Air purifiers so effective is their combination of medical grade HEPA and activated carbon filtration. As air is pulled into the unit, fine dust particles get trapped by the HEPA filter while the activated carbon component removes toxic vapors and gases. With this simple, yet effective design, the Austin Air filter converts potentially harmful air into the cleanest, breathing air possible. This made Austin Air an easy choice for the U.S. Government and it provided the company a great distinction. After all, if it’s good enough for use by the U.S. Government while burning sarin gas, it’s likely good enough for your home, too.

U.S. Government Puts the Austin Air HealthMate to the Test

The Austin Air HealthMate is one of the company’s flagship models. It was tested and assessed by the U.S. Government and it concluded that the product was suitable for use during a wide array of biological threats. The government tested the HealthMate in a sealed room and the results far exceeded expectations: Harmful vapors that had been intentionally introduced to the room were reduced by a phenomenal 90 percent in only 35 minutes. This stood up to the government’s rigorous standards, and it proved that the Austin Air HealthMate was capable of providing breathable air even under extreme conditions.

Why Your Family Needs an Austin Air Purifier

As populations grow in both cities and suburbs, exposure to highly polluted air is inevitable. Cases of allergies and asthma seem to grow exponentially. Purchasing an Austin Air purifier means that you can breathe well at home where many people spend most of their time. The U.S. Government has proved these purifiers' worth with vigorous testing and application. They passed on every test and confirmed that Austin Air purifiers had high standards, matching with their reputation as a quality product. Your family may not deal with extreme threats to their indoor air quality, but they are being assaulted on a regular basis. An Austin Air purifier provides clean air, promotes a safe breathing environment, and is the ideal way to protect your family's health.

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