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Our lungs and respiratory systems are incredibly important to our well-being, and keeping them safe from harmful, polluted air can help keep them strong and functioning at their best. In recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of the air that it breathes. Anti-smoking campaigns and environmental education are just a few examples of the many ways people are becoming more educated about the condition of the air where they live and how critical it is to overall health.

People who suffer from allergies or who are looking for asthma or sinus relief are especially conscious of air quality. Because of this ever increasing awareness, the popularity of air purifiers has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. HEPA air purifiers are becoming more and more common in private homes, businesses, hospitals and clinics because they remove harmful particles from the air and allow people to breathe only the cleanest, healthiest air possible.

Health conscious individuals, and those who suffer from various respiratory ailments, are aware that the air you breathe is every bit as important as the purity of the water you drink or the food you eat. This is why it is surprising that a relatively small number of people consider how much time they spend in their vehicles each day.

As the number one form of transportation in the country, car travel is a huge part of many people's daily lives. Commuting to and from work often comprises a large percentage of a person's day.Cities and towns are becoming increasingly designed to cater to car commuting. One has to wonder, then, what kind of harmful pollution they are being exposed to while they travel in their car. We here at Clean Air Plus wondered about this, too, and decided to do something about it.

Our research showed that people are routinely exposed to many harmful contaminants while driving in their car. The most obvious breathing hazard is that of the exhaust and car pollution from surrounding vehicles. Especially if you routinely travel on congested, busy freeways, you are undoubtedly breathing in a broad array of unpleasant and harmful particles. In fact, the Clean Air Task Force discovered that the presence of diesel particles was four to eight times higher in commuter cars than in the ambient outdoor air in most U.S. cities. And vehicle pollution and exhaust were just the beginning of what we discovered.

Many components or accessories inside the average vehicle are rife with harmful particles that can affect the quality of your breathing. The most obvious example of this are those ubiquitous car fresheners that you often see dangling from the rear-view mirror of many cars. The aromas emitted from these seemingly innocuous items actually contain harmful chemicals that can compromise the quality of the air inside your vehicle. Also, these items attempt to mask or cover up the unpleasant and harmful odors of car exhaust in an attempt to lull you into thinking the air in your car isn't that bad. Thoroughly concerned by what we were finding out about air quality in the vehicles that so many people spend so much time driving in, the Clean Air Plus team decided to do something about it.

Having already put our name behind some of the best HEPA air purifiers on the market, we realized that the Amaircare Roomaid car air purifier could double as an effective tool in cleaning and purifying the air inside a person's vehicle. While this product was originally designed for its portability and ability to move from room to room, it can just as easily and conveniently be used in automobiles trucks and RV's. The Amaircare Roomaid portable air purifier puts its advanced technologies and efficiency to work on the indoor air quality of your vehicle.

Using some of the most cutting edge engineering available, this exceptional product boasts many features which work together to make the air you breathe as clean as possible. Its medical grade HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles from the air, including mold spores, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and viruses. Before the air even encounters the HEPA filter, it is run through a state of the art pre-filter which removes larger particles. An activated carbon cloth works to remove toxic chemical vapors and unpleasant odors.

All of these components work together to maximize the purity of the air you breathe. An optional activated carbon/zeolite blend canister works to remove VOCs -volatile organic compounds - which are known to exacerbate conditions like asthma and allergies. And all of these great features can go to work in your vehicle when you select the optional auto adapter kit. Clean air is important anywhere you or your family goes, and the Amaircare Roomaid portable air purifier is an efficient and easy way to extend clean air quality to your car. Purchase one today through Clean Air Plus to begin enjoying its valuable features right away.


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