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Diesel Fumes Attacking Healthy Hearts

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Our society has long recognized the detrimental effect caused by traffic pollution. Only recently, however, have we begun to appreciate it fully. For instance, scientists at Edinburgh University have just discovered particles produced by burning diesel fuel contribute to the formation of blood clots in arteries. Over time, these blood clots are extremely dangerous, leading to both heart attacks and strokes.

Today, there is greater focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. If you exercise regularly and eat properly, you might be prone to some dangerous assumptions, such as not being in danger of blood clots and the like. This, however, is a false confidence. In fact, research shows that pollution particulates, such as those from burning diesel, can have a considerable and immediate negative effective even on well-conditioned breathers.

Dr. Mark Miller, the lead researcher at Edinburgh’s Centre for Cardiovascular Science, spoke at length about outdated perceptions concerning air pollution. In the past, we’ve focused almost exclusively on damage caused to the lungs. We’ve tried to determine what levels cause damage to the lungs, and then we’ve passed laws in an attempt to keep levels below those marks.

Unfortunately, what we’re learning now, through the research at Edinburgh and other studies worldwide, is that air pollution has a great many different effects on our body. More importantly, the pollution begins to have that harmful effect at levels well below the marks previously believed to be the danger levels. In other words, although diesel fumes may be well below the legal threshold, they can be having a devastating and lasting effect on the people breathing them in and then metabolizing them.

The other problem that has become increasingly present are the pollution particles, such as those in burning diesel.  Although we’ve long recognized the dangers of traffic pollution, most of the focus has been on gasses, not on the solid particles. Many of our pollution laws don’t even consider these particles, which is increasingly horrifying now that we recognize these particles as being more dangerous than the gasses in many cases.

Another aspect where we are recognizing a greater problem is in the living distances from the pollution sources. For instance, in an area like Los Angeles, where traffic pollution is a considerable problem, the government has taken steps to isolate the heaviest traffic areas from the residential and commercial zones. Unfortunately, researchers are now discovering that highway pollution extends much further than previously thought, and so Los Angeles made many decisions based on faulty information.

As an example, a joint study between UCLA, USC and the California Air Resources Board determined that pollution originating from Interstate 10 in Santa Monica were extending out nearly two miles, which is twice as much as they had previously believed. The pollution from Interstate 10 was actually infiltrating schools, parks and neighborhoods that Santa Monica had specifically zoned to avoid that pollution. That’s not even the worst of it.

We used to think that the only time we breathed the dirty air was on the trip to work or school and the trip back home. We used to take comfort in the notion that we could escape that harmful polluted air by taking sanctuary in our homes, schools or places of employment. Modern science, however, paints a much different, much more horrifying picture of what’s actually occurring. The bottom line is that unless a home has the proper filtration and ventilation, the indoor air is actually more dangerous due to the concentration levels. In other words, the home becomes like a trap for pollutants and contaminants.

Thanks to new research and discoveries, we’re beginning to appreciate the value of breathing clean indoor air fully. Most of us spend much more than 50-percent of our time in our homes, and if we can ensure that we’re breathing pure air while at home, then the polluted air we breathe outside of the home is less consequential on our health.

The good news is that there are air purification solutions available. The even better news is that HEPA filtration, which is the superior solution, is quite affordable, and it is quite simple to integrate into your home no matter the arrangement, especially by using a portable system. Remember:

You can’t see air pollution. The pollution from the road can be affecting your family, and you might never recognize the cause. It can make you feel sluggish and sick, give you headaches and even exacerbate asthma and allergies. Long-term, it can lead to inflammation, which is the cause of a wide range of diseases and other ailments. Don’t gamble with the air you breathe. Let Clean Air Plus show you the way to pure air and a healthy and happy family.

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