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IQAir Tackles Monster Mold Problem to Help Family in Need

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India Dickinson lives with her five children in historic Beaufort, South Carolina in a home that was in serious need of repair. It had a compromised foundation, and a patchwork electrical system that was inefficient at best and a severe fire hazard at worst. But those issues weren’t what frightened India Dickinson most. What frightened her the most was the mold and associated mold spores.

Mold that had been festering inside the walls was now seeping through them. In fact, the mold was so bad at this point, that it had grown out into the yard and was even dangling from trees like Spanish moss. India’s youngest, Sophia, was an infant. She had been struggling to breathe since India had brought her home a year ago. It was scariest at night.

India would lie there in bed listening to Sophia struggle to breathe from the reaction to the mold spores. She was unable to sleep herself often because of the constant worry that Sophia would stop breathing in the middle of the night. She also worried about how it was affecting the other children. India wasn’t a bad mom. Like so many other Americans in these difficult economic times, she simply had no other options. Making matters worse was the fact that her husband, Bill, was in the Marine Corps and 7,000 miles away fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan. Then, like a prayer answered, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC’s hit reality show, caught wind of India's problems and mobilized their vast resources to do something about it.

Within days they were coordinating the construction, design and donation of a brand new home for Bill, India and their children. When dealing with a mold problem of this scope there are significant indoor air quality issues. So faced with an indoor air quality challenge Extreme Makeover: Home Edition did what they’d been doing since the very first show. They called in IQAir to devise a plan that would fix the current problem and ensure that it never happened again.

Not unexpected IQAir opted for an air purifier with HEPA technology . The same type of purifier used in millions of homes and countless hospitals throughout the world. An air purifier with HEPA technology removes 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter and larger. And with as much air as an IQAir purifier moves, it doesn’t take long for it to have a dramatic effect on the presence of mold spores.

Since India and family have moved into the new IQAir-filtered home, their breathing problems have gone and stayed gone. There’s no sign of mold or any other pollutants and contaminants. More importantly, Sophia is feeling great and no longer required to take medication to regulate her breathing. IQAir is proud of the difference they made in India and Bill's lives. It comes as little surprise that for the last half century IQAir has earned more #1 product reviews than any other brand on the market.

Their commitment to quality is tangible. IQAir only uses top-grade materials and they don’t cut corners. When you buy an IQAir purifier you can be confident that they’ll be no byproducts, such as ozone, chemicals and charged particles. In addition, IQAir purifiers are easy to use, and they require very little maintenance. For these reasons, IQAir is a leading provider for hospitals in the US and throughout the world.

Doctors have even used IQAir products to fight the spread of tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Most impressively, the American Lung Association has chosen IQAir as their exclusive education partner within the air purifier industry.

If you need a comprehensive filtration solution that tackles particle pollution, airborne allergens, toxic chemicals and odors, then we suggest looking at the IQAir lineup. IQAir uses a combination of HEPA technology and activated carbon to create a product line of air purifiers to address any air contamination concern. If your need is to eliminate harmful airborne chemical,s VOCs and odors they have a model that relies heavily on activated carbon filters and uses the HEPA filter in a minor role. Conversely if your need is to remove the airborne contaminants that cause asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions. They have a model that combines a HEPA prefilter and a Hyper HEPA filter to remove dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen and airborne allergens that trigger allergies and asthma. Add to that an activated carbon filter that will take care of the chemicals, VOC's and odors.

A mold problem doesn’t have to be as severe as the Dickinson’s problem to be affecting you and your family. The risk simply isn’t worth it, so don’t put it off any longer. Get an IQAir purifier from Clean Air Plus. You and your family can start breathing clean mold-free dust-free air today. You’ll be promoting better heart and lung health, and you can significantly reduce any allergy symptoms that your family experiences.

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Clean Air Plus is a veteran and family owned small business. We represent the leading manufacturers in HEPA filtration including Austin Air Standard Units, Austin Air Junior Units, IQAir, Amaircare, Oransi and Airpura. Shop online or call one of our friendly experts at 888.247.1147. We'll be happy to help you choose from our large selection of quality air purifiers.

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