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Fighting Back Against Winter Allergies

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Just because you don't suffer from spring or summer outdoor allergies doesn't mean that you've dodged the allergy bullet altogether. Every winter, you shut yourself up in your home a lot more often than you do in the summer. If the indoor air quality of your home isn't very good, indoor allergies can be triggered. For many people they don't even realize that they are suffering from allergies, assuming that they have colds or other brief illnesses. Indoor allergies are quite common, and tend to become much more noticeable during the winter months. Considering that up to 10% of the population suffers from them, it's quite possible that you do, too.

Indoor Allergies Get Worse in the Winter

During the winter, we tend to spend a great deal more time indoors. At the same time, we open our doors and windows a lot less, which means that the indoor air pollutants  that swirl around our homes become even more highly concentrated and can affect our health that much more easily. It's not unusual at all to hear a lot of coughing and hacking during the winter months, and colds aren't the only culprits in those cases - allergies are, too.

It's Not a Cold

If you notice that you seem to suffer from exceptionally long-running colds during the winter months, or that you seem to come down with back-to-back colds during that time of year, there's a very good chance that indoor allergens are actually to blame. This is especially true if you notice yourself dealing with this same phenomenon each and every winter. It doesn't mean that you are just more susceptible to colds than other people - it could very likely mean that your poor indoor air quality is leading to allergy symptoms. Pay attention to the symptoms that you have. If you experience itchy, watery eyes and a scratchy throat, they could be allergy symptoms.

Dealing with Indoor Allergies

Over-the-counter allergy medications are immensely popular, but they are not right for everyone. Even if you do choose to use them, you probably don't want to have to rely on them day in and day out, all winter long. How can you lessen your dependence on allergy medications while still reducing the severity of your allergy symptoms this winter? Check out the tips and advice below for a few great ideas.

  • Wear a mask when dusting and vacuuming, since this will lessen your exposure to the dust and other airborne pollutants that will get stirred up.

  • Use allergen-proof covers on your box springs, mattresses and pillows to help keep dust mites at bay as much as possible.

  • Keep the humidity in your home below 35%, since dust mites and mold spores don't fare nearly as well in low humidity.

  • Vacuum and dust on a regular basis, to help keep pollutants from growing and building up too much.

  • Wash your bedding, including pillow cases, in very hot water at least one time per week to keep dust mites and other issues from cropping up.

  • Don't allow pets in your bedroom or in other areas of the home where you spend a great deal of time.

  • Be sure to replace your furnace filter every two to three months, to help improve the indoor air quality in your home. Keep in mind though, furnace filters are designed to protect the furnace fan and motor, not you.

  • Invest in a high quality portable HEPA air purifier to help improve the air in your home. HEPA filters remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles that measure as small as 0.3 microns from the air, making it cleaner and purer. Clean air can potentially bring allergy and sinus relief, along with many other key health benefits.

Finding the Right HEPA Air Purifier

If you're serious about wanting to make the air in your home as healthy as possible this winter, then you should invest in a HEPA air purifier.  At Clean Air Plus, we place a high priority on providing the best clean air solutions to our customers. We know that you want to keep indoor allergies at bay, and our products can lead the way. Without a doubt, there is absolutely no reason why you should have to accept indoor allergies this winter. Get a HEPA air purifier and dramatically improve the indoor air quality of your home. Breathe easier this winter.

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