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HEPA Air Purifiers: An Excellent Option for Pet Owners

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Pets are a wonderful addition to any home. If you are fortunate enough to have a cat or dog in your family, more than likely no one has any severe allergies or sensitivities to the hair or dander. However, breathing these irritants in day after day can irritate your upper respiratory system over time. Constant dusting and vacuuming can lessen the problem, but it is impossible to always be cleaning and the dander just builds up in between vacuuming. How can you have breathable air clear from dander and hair while still owning pets? By ordering an air purifier today.

How Come Cleaning Isn’t Enough?

Regardless of the type of cat or dog your pet is, pet dander is a fact of life. The more pets you have, the more dander there will be floating around indoors, comprising your respiratory system. The air in your home is already polluted by particles in the form of dust mites, mold and mold spores, pollen and other allergens; pet dander can just exacerbate this problem. All the vacuuming in the world would never be enough to ensure there are no pollutants in the air. Sometimes this can even make the problem worse by circulating the pet dander back into the air. The cleanliness of a house can be instantly ruined by a dog passing through and innocently shaking off. HEPA air purifiers, which will constantly work to pull dander and hair out of the air, are the only way to guarantee easy breathing.

How Can A HEPA Air Purifier Help?

There is nothing worse than having a guest over and seeing hair fly everywhere as they slam a hand down on the end of the couch. It also seems like this is the time that hair built up on the carpet looks most noticeable. Think about how much you can see with the naked eye; now imagine how much is floating around that is not visible to the naked eye. It is these smaller particles that can cause the most damage, getting into your upper respiratory system and creating all sorts of problems. HEPA based air purifiers work  to relieve allergies  as they pull allergens out of the air. Although there might not be anyone in your home with allergies, customers have reported relief from problems including sinusitis and asthma as well. Top-grade HEPA air purifiers are so effective at cleaning the air, that the results are often noticed quickly.

Enjoy Your Pet without the Dander 

Start using an air purifier today to begin enjoying the benefits as soon as possible. It is important to make sure the air purifier you choose utilizes a true HEPA filter as well as a pre-filter and can easily handle the size of your house. Pets are an excellent part of any family and enjoying them without being bothered by pet dander and hair is even better. A HEPA Air Purifier is the only way to ensure guests will not know you have a pet except for the cute fur-ball sitting at their feet. 


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