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HEPA Air Purifiers and the Swine Flu Virus

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The swine flu - also known as swine influenza or the H1N1 virus - caught the attention of people around the world.

This potentially deadly strain of the flu had people so worried because it appeared to be resistant to many common precautionary measures including flu vaccinations. The elderly and the very young were especially susceptible to serious complications from the swine flu but even fit, healthy and youthful adults could have been seriously compromised by this virus.

Around the world, hospitals and clinics geared up to deal with potential outbreaks and were taking measures to lessen the risk of the flu spreading more than it already had. One of the main things that clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities recommended in terms of keeping the swine flu from spreading was keeping patients as segregated from the general population as possible.

Like all strains of influenza, the swine flu was passed mostly via person to person exchanges. One person sneezed and the particles from that sneeze were inhaled by another individual. It makes sense, then, that doctors and scientists recommended quarantining sufferers from healthy, unaffected people. 

Preventing The Spread Of The Swine Flu

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  advised medical facilities to follow certain protocols when dealing with cases of the swine flu. For instance, masks were recommended to help prevent the inhalation of flu droplets. Respirators were also near the top of the list for pulling airborne droplets of flu spreading bacteria from the air that patients may breathe. However, one of the most interesting recommendations made by the CDC in regards to containing the swine flu and mitigating its spread was the use of portable HEPA air purifiers

The majority of the matter that is expelled during a cough or a sneeze measures over approximately five microns. Since it only travels a limited distance there may also be much smaller, finer particulates ejected at the same time. These sub-micron particles - also called droplet nuclei - can travel much farther and can hang around in the air for long periods of time. This means that simply segregating infected persons from others isn't really enough. The air that they breathe and that health care professionals may come into contact with must be purified, as well - and that's where HEPA air purifiers are of primary consideration.

The CDC recommended that hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities implement the use of portable HEPA filtration units to further lessen the chances of the swine flu spreading and being passed on to others. Containing the illness was essential but so was preventing it in the first place. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants from the air improving indoor air quality dramatically.

In addition to the other measures recommended by the CDC, HEPA air purifiers offered one more level of defense against this highly contagious and potentially deadly disease.

What This News Means For You

Considering that HEPA air purifiers were being put to work to help protect doctors, patients and others from the spread of the swine flu it stands to reason that they can help in household settings as well. HEPA air purifiers can provide your home and everyone in it with clean, pure, breathable air that promotes healthy immune systems and reduces the spread of all types of viruses and illnesses. 

If you would like to easily and efficiently enhance the health and well being of yourself and your loved ones, a high quality HEPA air purifier is one of the best investments you can make. HEPA air purifiers can help eliminate airborne viruses like the swine flu and provide relief from allergies.  HEPA filters along with activated carbon filters further purify the air you breathe and help eliminate mold and VOC's.

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