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HEPA Filters and Healthy Hearts

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In order to maintain a healthy heart, most of us focus on exercise and diet. After all, the leading causes of heart attacks are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And we can diminish these negative factors by making lifestyle changes that include eating less fat and exercising more. But there may be other negative influences too.

In fact, a study performed by medical journalist Dr. Max Gomez, indicated that poor air quality, particularly poor indoor air quality, can be just as deadly as high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure.  In the report that Dr. Gomez published, he wrote that while poor air quality may be as deadly as other heart risk factors, it has proven to be far easier to rectify. In his study, he was able to show that he could remove the vast majority of harmful airborne pollutants in most homes with just air filtration. However, the doctor used a HEPA air purifier, which uses a HEPA filter in order to achieve clean air as well as help provide allergy relief. HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is the most sophisticated filtration technology available. It’s so sophisticated, in fact, that hospitals and military installations around the world use it to protect patients and sensitive equipment.

Dr. Gomez also asserted that by eradicating certain types of air pollution from our indoor air, we could completely remove the elements putting our hearts at risk. Furthermore, HEPA air purifiers from leading manufacturers are best suited to removing those airborne particles and contaminants.

Poor indoor air quality is more of an issue today than it’s ever been before.  Today’s homes and apartments are more airtight than ever. That may sound like a good thing, but as soon as we open a door or window, we introduce pollution from outdoors. Then, the airtight nature of the home traps the pollution in our lungs. As we breathe in pollutants, our heart rate increases and our blood pressure rises, even if we’re otherwise completely healthy and fit. Pollutants also inflame and eventually compromise blood vessel linings, and of course, they exacerbate allergies and other breathing conditions.

In an unrelated study out of Canada the researchers monitored heart disease markers in adults 45 and older before and after using HEPA filters in their homes. The results were remarkable. After only two weeks of use, blood vessel inflammation was down significantly. After collecting the data, the study attracted the attention of a number of heart specialists that analyzed the research. Each of the doctors agreed that not only was the improvement significant, it was unusual. It led one doctor to investigate the matter further and another to begin recommending HEPA air filtration to his patients.  

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