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Wildfire Smoke... is very hazardous to your health. Protect yourself with an air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration.

HEPA Filtration: The Historic Quest for Breathing Easier

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You might think of HEPA air purifiers as a relatively new innovation, yet the concept of improving indoor air quality with air filtration is even older than central air conditioning or heating. With the sudden increase in coal combustion caused by the Industrial Revolution, soot and smoke tainted the air and exacerbated some of the same ailments that still impact many today, such as asthma and allergies.  Noticing these effects, particularly on vulnerable children, innovators began to develop methods of air purification.

Air filtration technology began with the introduction of the gas mask by John and Charles Dean in 1823, which was improved thirty years later by John Stenhouse. Initially developed for coal miners and divers, the masks utilized a precursor of the activated carbon still in use today for a variety of filtration needs. Decades later, World War II brought along concerns of a different nature -- radioactive particles, rather than sooty air.

Researchers developing nuclear weapons from dangerous isotopes of uranium and plutonium needed a way to keep stray particles from being inhaled into their lungs or exhausted into the outside air. HEPA filtration, referring to "High Efficiency Particulate Air," was developed in response to the need to remove nearly all of the microscopic particles from the breathable air in the laboratories. Even inhaling a small amount of radioactive particles would substantially increase the possibility of cancer or radiation poisoning.

This new filtration technology filtered out 99.97% of microscopic impurities from the air, removing particulates as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA's level of filtration is sufficient to remove not only radioactive particles, but also dust, pollen and other airborne allergens that can provoke asthma attacks or allergy symptoms in you or your child. This amazing development advanced even further with the 1963 introduction of an air filtration system by two brothers in Germany, Klaus and Manfred Hammes.

Coinciding with the Clean Air Act, which popularized the clean air movement, HEPA air filtration was introduced to a wider audience. The continuing popularity of air filtration spurred the Hammes brothers to continue perfecting their air purification systems for a wider market. This work led them to found IQAir, a company which introduced the first HEPA air purifier to the consumer market. They were soon joined in this market by Richard Taylor, founder of Austin Air, who refined HEPA filtration by creating an air purifier that allowed air intake from a 360-degree radius.

Although HEPA filtration cannot promise a cure to any condition, it can provide you or your child with asthma, sinus congestion and allergy relief by removing the airborne particles that trigger these conditions. HEPA filters are now produced by a wide range of companies, offering numerous choices for consumers who seek to keep their families safe from unclean air that can permeate the home.

By using HEPA air purifiers in your home, you can ensure that your family is breathing healthier, cleaner air that won't trigger chronic health hazards. In addition, many HEPA air purifier consumers have reported that the cleaner air results in better sleep, increased health and vitality and a general feeling of well-being. Clean Air Plus offers the premium air purification products that you need to keep your family safe. These HEPA air purifiers are just as effective as the ones used by the Manhattan Project researchers who relied on them to keep radioactive particles out of their lungs. As a result, they are guaranteed to keep other dangerous particles out of the lungs of you and your children.

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