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Highlight: The Best Air Purifiers for Allergy Sufferers

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As an allergy sufferer, you know how important indoor air quality is. Finding ways to improve the quality of the air that you breathe is undoubtedly a major concern of yours. When your respiratory system isn’t being pummeled by airborne particulates and pollutants, it stands a much better chance of functioning properly and your allergy symptoms become less pronounced and troublesome. Although many air purifiers are marketed and promoted as helping provide allergy relief, not all of them are created equal. How do you know which ones work the best? Below, we take a look at the best air purifiers for removing allergens and irritants from the air you breathe.

Considerations When Buying an Air Purifier

When you start shopping around for an air purifier to help control your allergy symptoms, it helps to have a basic understanding of what is available. Without a doubt, HEPA air purifiers are one of the most effective ways to manage your allergy symptoms. Air purifiers that use HEPA technology pull more irritants and contaminants from the air than any other option available. However, just because a manufacturer claims that their air purifier uses the best HEPA technology, doesn’t mean it actually does. You need to look for products by reputable manufacturers to ensure you’re investing in the best air purifier.

There are dozens of different HEPA air purifiers on the market today so how do you know which ones are truly the best at what they do? In addition to choosing one with proven HEPA technology, you should also seek out models that use activated carbon filters to further reduce impurities in the air that you breathe. While HEPA technology removes 99.97% of airborne  particles that measure as small as 0.3 microns (including dust, dander, mold spores and pollen), activated carbon filters excel at attracting and trapping gaseous vapors and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) that can really aggravate your allergy symptoms.

Airpura logo-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersA Quantum Leap In Air Purifier Technology

Airpura Industries, a Canadian company, specializes in the manufacturing of high quality air purification systems. They have a very diverse line of products that getAirpura 600 Series air Purifier
rid of airborne allergens, mold spores, smoke, odors, or chemicals. They use a blend of the latest in filtration technology with industry leading standards in all of their products. Their products are constructed of powder coated steel and house the latest in HEPA filter and activated carbon technology. They also offer advanced models that include UV germicidal lamps for eradicating airborne pathogens and mold. Airpura is also conscious of its role as an environmental company, Airpura Industries is determined to operate in the greenest way possible while manufacturing an excellent product that improves the living environment of their clients.

IQAir Logo-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersAir Purifiers for Allergy Sufferers

IQAir is one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers in the world. For decades, IQAir has been producing top of the line HEPA air purifiers that feature the highest
IQAir Health Pro Plus-Clean Air Pluspossible filtration of airborne microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses), micro-fine dust particles, and allergens (including pollen, mold spores, pet dander and dust mites). Constructed in Switzerland using only the finest components, IQAir purifiers are especially beneficial to those suffering from allergies, sinus infections and respiratory illnesses. IQAir’s most popular model, the HealthPro Plus, is a great example of a HEPA air purifier that uses activated carbon technology and medical grade HEPA filtration to remove the maximum number of impurities from the air, allowing you to enjoy exceptional indoor air quality.

Amaircare Logo-Clean Air Plus High Capacity Allergen Removal

Amaircare is one of the most respected companies in the air purification industry. Since 1992, Amaircare has produced air cleaning systems designed for maximum filtration
 efficiency and 24/7 usage. Handcrafted in Canada using top quality components, Amaircare Air Purifiers Model 2500-Clean Air Plus Air Purifierseach Amaircare air purifier features a large capacity medical grade HEPA filter for the removal of fine particulates and allergens from the air you breathe. Highly recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers alike, Amaircare’s best-selling room air purifier is the 2500 model. It comes standard with a carbon cloth inner blanket, however can be upgraded to include an optional VOC canister – a perfect option for those needing gaseous chemical and odor removal.

Austin Air Logo-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersOptimal Filtration of Airborne Allergens

Austin Air is one of most highly rated air purifier companies in world. Founded in 1988,
Austin Air Purifiers Standard Size Unit-Clean Air Plus Air PurifiersAustin Air systems provide high efficiency air filtration, while using a filter designed to last an impressive 5 years. Proudly made in the USA using the best components, many physicians and allergy specialists have recommended Austin Air purifiers to their patients, including the very popular HealthMate model. Each Austin Air purifier uses medical-grade HEPA filtration for the removal of airborne contaminants, including dust, dander, mold spores, pollen and viruses. In addition, all of their models include activated carbon filters for the removal of gases, smoke and odors.

Oransi Logo-Clean Air Plus Air Purifiers   The Ultimate Air Cleaning Machine

Oransi products are focused on high quality and affordability. They have added a line up of commercial air purifiers to complement their residential models. Oransi searched the world to build the ultimate air purifiers. In Germany they found the largest factory that builds high Oransi Air Purifiers Max HEPA-Clean Air Plus Air Purifiersperformance motors, like a Tesla engine. You get high performance and reliability with low energy usage. All of their new products are made in the US. As a global company with offices in the US and China, they are different in that they tailor their solutions to meet the needs of each market.  When you purchase an Oransi product you are getting the latest technology providing you with the cleanest air possible, while also sharing the company's mission to alleviate asthma, support students and improve the environment. 

HEPA technology was invented in America and Oransi works with leading American scientists to further innovate their HEPA and carbon filters to provide you with the latest technology and cleanest air. Oransi is focused on improving the most important part of your life - protecting the health for you and your family. Oransi is an Energy Star Partner and member of AHAM, the Association of home appliance manufacturers.

Experience Clean, Allergen-Free Air Today

Now that you are more aware of what to look for, it should be much easier to choose a HEPA air purifier that’s right for you and your allergy problems. Even after just a day or two, you’re likely to notice results from the air purifier that you select. All of the manufacturers outlined above can be trusted to provide fast and effective filtration of allergens from your environment. Clean Air Plus is proud to offer the best HEPA air purifier selection available from these well respected manufacturers. 

Clean Air Plus provides exceptional customer service and support. Why go another day with unrelenting allergy misery, when a simple HEPA air purifier can make things so much better? Contact us today and get on the road to true allergy relief now.

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Clean Air Plus is a veteran and family owned small business. We represent the leading manufacturers in HEPA filtration including Austin Air Standard Units, Austin Air Junior Units, IQAir, Amaircare, Oransi and Airpura. Shop online or call one of our friendly experts at 888.247.1147. We'll be happy to help you choose from our large selection of quality air purifiers.

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