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How HEPA Air Purifiers Help Keep Operating Rooms Safer

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There's no question that we have come a long way in terms of preventing the spread of infectious diseases in our hospitals and operating rooms. It's hard to imagine that just over a hundred years ago, surgeons rarely even washed their hands or wore protective clothing when performing their work.

Today, HEPA air purifiers are providing an added layer of defense against the spread of certain diseases. A study has shown that a special type of HEPA air purifier - known as a PAS-HEPA (portable anteroom system HEPA) filter unit - can dramatically lessen the presence of infectious particles in the air, protecting healthcare professionals and patients alike.

How PAS-HEPA Air Purifiers Work

The study - which was led by Russell M. Olmstead, an epidemiologist with Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan - tested the effectiveness of PAS-HEPA filter units that were installed above the door leading into an operating suite.

While standard HEPA air purifiers have been used for some time within many operating rooms, researchers wanted to see what kind of effects this newer technology would have on airborne particulates like those associated with tuberculosis, for example. Therefore, these machines were installed above the operating room doors and the study was conducted. Smoke and particulates that were very similar in size and consistency to those associated with TB were used during the study.

Ultimately, it was discovered that the PAS-HEPA filter units effectively pulled smoke and other particles down and away from the operating room table - the most critical area in the room. With drug resistant forms of TB becoming more and more prevalent, doctors and researchers are continually looking for ways to lessen their risk to people inside hospital ORs. It looks like PAS-HEPA air filter units might provide a very compelling answer.

When people come to the hospital, they do so to get better. Unfortunately, many leave with brand new infections and illnesses. Despite very stringent guidelines and rules, many operating rooms continue to be subject to high levels of bacteria and infectious particles in the air. People in those operating rooms are exposed to these particles, breathing them in and running the risk of becoming infected.

With PAS-HEPA air purifiers, it appears that this problem can largely be handled in a preventative way, and that the air in an OR can be cleaned in a very efficient, effective manner.

What the Study Means For You

The recent study involving PAS-HEPA air purifiers is undoubtedly significant for anyone working in a hospital or who regularly needs to visit the hospital. However, it holds implications for many other people, too.

This study highlights how powerful HEPA technology truly is. In areas that are so prone to infectious particulates and where such contaminants run rampant, PAS-HEPA filter units were shown to clear approximately 94% of submicron particles from the air. This stunning rate clearly demonstrates that HEPA technology is here to stay, and that it is a proven way to make air breathable and healthy.

If HEPA air purifiers can protect health care professionals from infection carrying particulates, they can certainly protect the Average Joe in his own home. If HEPA technology can contend with tuberculosis particles, it stands to reason that it can ward off and remove pollens, allergens and other common indoor air pollutants. There is absolutely no doubt about it: HEPA air purifiers are the most effective means to improve indoor air quality.

Take Advantage of HEPA Air Purifiers in Your Home

Fortunately, homeowners do not need to spend the large amount of money that comes with PAS-HEPA filter units. To achieve equally beneficial results in the home, you can purchase and begin using high quality HEPA air purifiers for much less money.

Whether you are seeking allergy, asthma or sinus relief, or would simply like to enjoy the great benefits associated with breathing pristine, clean air, a HEPA air purifier is a very wise investment indeed. If you would like to provide the best possible environment for you and your family, you should invest in a state of the art HEPA air purifier today.

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