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How to Breathe Easier By Reducing Home Allergens

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When you think of allergies, outdoor suffering may be the first issue that comes to mind. However, the indoor world is also inundated with allergy triggers. If you have pets, especially cats, pet dander is a big culprit. Dust mites and mold are also common causes of allergy symptoms. These triggers can also irritate asthma or cause respiratory problems. If you experience breathing issues such as asthma or allergies, you should consult a physician or allergist so that they can determine if you need testing and treatment. They can also help you determine what triggers in your environment are setting off your reactions, giving you the opportunity to take preventive measures. Whatever the causes of your symptoms or suffering may be, there are ways to reduce airborne allergens in your home. Just a few simple steps can improve the symptoms of respiratory problems like the ones above.

Dust Mites

You cannot escape dust no matter how clean your home is, and dust mites are a large cause of respiratory problems. These tiny insects live in households in places such as furniture, curtains, mattresses, pillows and carpets. They multiply in warm, humid environments. Dust mites live off pet dander or dead skin cells. They do not spread disease, but can cause allergic reactions when breathed in. According to many scientific studies, dust mites are the culprit in more than half of asthma cases in young people. So how do you get rid of dust mites?

Make sure your bedding is clean by washing weekly in hot water. Also, make sure your draperies are cleaned once a month. Either store or get rid of toys no longer being used, and make sure they're wrapped in plastic if you keep them. Any stuffed animals you keep should be washed weekly, and can be put in the freezer overnight for a quick kill if you think they have dust mites on them. An important and efficient way to fight dust mites is to vacuum your house once a week using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Doing this along with using allergen sprays as well as wrapping your mattresses and pillows in a vinyl covering will make a huge difference in your quality of life.


Mold is a particularly nasty enemy in the fight against allergens because you can have it and not know it. It also loves moist environments where it thrives, and spreads itself by planting airborne mold spores in house dust. These mold spores are inhaled, and in susceptible people, cause allergy symptoms. You can reduce your risk for mold growth in your home by making sure it is ventilated adequately. You also need to vent your kitchen and bathroom properly. If you have a high humidity level, use a dehumidifier to bring it down. Keep areas prone to mold by using a water/bleach solution. If you suspect you have mold, call in a professional to make sure, as it has the capacity for making you and your family very ill. Ultimately, you can use a HEPA air purifier to make sure mold spores are eliminated from your air and keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum.

Pet Dander

Do you love animals but don't think you can have a pet? This is not necessarily so and is a common misconception among allergy sufferers.

Allergies to pets are caused by contact with pet dander, not pet hair or skin. Pet dander is comprised of dead skin shed from your cat or dog that become airborne. If you have an allergic reaction to this pet dander, you don't have to start finding a home for your animal yet. Try getting the dander out of the air first.

Keeping your cat or dog off the furniture or out of your bed can help a lot. Making sure you keep your home vacuumed on a frequent basis will help keep the dander out of the air as well. An air purifier with a HEPA filter can make a great difference in the situation, especially if you use a portable one that can be moved to whatever room your pet is in. When grooming your animal, wear protective clothing, including gloves and a mask, and remove your clothing for immediate washing when you are finished.

Are you ready to breathe easier? Tired of feeling tired all the time because of your asthma and allergy symptoms? Don't forget about the importance of indoor air. By eliminating dust mites, mold and pet dander from the air you breathe, you and your family will have a safe and clean place to come home to. Investing in a purifier with a genuine HEPA air filter is one of the best steps you can take to make your home as healthy as possible. Get ready to breathe easier by reducing home allergens with a HEPA air purifier today.

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