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IQAir and ABC’s Extreme Makeover Help Children with Eosinophilic Enteropathy

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, along with their partner IQAir, faced one of their biggest challenges to date when they met the Stockdale family of Idaho.

The parents are Ryan and Karia and they have four young children.  All four children have a rare genetic disorder known as eosinophilic enteropathy (EE).

Those afflicted with EE are extremely sensitive to their environments. Air pollution and even simple airborne allergens can trigger life-threatening asthma attacks and other severe symptoms. In fact, these episodes are so frequent, especially with four sufferers, that Karia and Ryan keep a packed backpack in the car so that midnight trips to the emergency room go as smoothly as possible.

After assessing the situation, Frank Hammes, President of IQAir, said that the Stockdale case was the most environmentally sensitive one he had ever dealt with. That’s saying something considering that IQAir sells their products all around the world, and they’ve been working alongside ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition since the show first aired. Average homes can get by with a single portable  IQAir HEPA air purifier but this was a special case.  Frank knew that even the slightest irritation could be very harmful, even lethal, to the children. So he chose one primary filtration system for the entire house.

He placed an individual IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier in each of the child’s bedrooms. That ensured that the children, especially at night, were always breathing the highest quality air possible. Frank also wanted to put HEPA air purifiers in the children’s classrooms, because with a case this severe, eight hours of contaminated breathing was going to diminish the efforts they were making on the home front. They worked alongside school employees to place those additional units in the classrooms. The great aspect of this gift was that it would help all the children not just those suffering from EE.

Since IQAir helped the Stockdale family there has been a significant reduction in attacks experienced by the children in both rate and severity. 

IQAir is incredibly proud of that kind of accomplishment most of all. That type of commitment has made IQAir products some of the most popular and most well reviewed air purifiers in the entire world. This isn’t just a HEPA air purifier for residences. Hospitals, medical centers, military bases and offices around the world use them too.

This is why Clean Air Plus sells IQAir. We only want the best air purification technology safeguarding our children. Like IQAir, we bring the same commitment to you and your family. You don’t need to suffer from EE to benefit from an IQAir purifier system. Get one today.  Start enjoying truly fresh air that protects your family from air pollution, promotes health and can significantly reduce the symptoms from asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

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