Allergy season is here...Protect yourself with a HEPA air purifier.

IQAir HealthPro Plus – My Allergy Sanity-Saver

IQAir HealthPro Plus-Clean Air Plus

I have allergies and asthma, which are triggered by dust and pollen, especially during spring. Since doctors recommended using an air purifier to clean the air in my home, I did some research on the various types of purifiers available on the market.

I chose the IQAir HealthPro Plus because it was a Consumer Digest Best Buy, it had great ratings from many other magazines, and reviews were generally positive. I'm very happy with this air purifier, so much so that I've recommended it to friends. 

It came in a cardboard box that was packed within another cardboard box. The unit itself is well-constructed. There are optional wheels you can install if you plan on moving it around. A handle in the top makes this easy to do, even though the unit might be a bit heavy for some. You should plan for a foot of space on each side, as the manual requires. The IQAir HealthPro Plus comes with a remote, so you can change the settings from across the room without having to adjust anything on the unit itself. It also has a timer, which I haven't used, but seems like a neat feature.

Setting it up was simple. The manual is easy to understand and helpful. There are several settings you can choose from. It's loudest at the higher settings, obviously, but less noticeable at the low to mid-range. I set it on a 2 or 3 at night and I've never had any trouble falling asleep. You can actually use this as a pretty effective white noise generator, if you want. Medium to high settings cancel out noise coming in from outside.

Less than a week after I began using the IQAir HealthPro Plus, I noticed that my sinuses seemed a bit better. I didn't wake up sneezing or wheezing in the middle of the night. I also noticed that there was a lot less dust to clean up. It says it removes dust and pollen from the air, but it surprised me how noticeable the difference was. Now that spring has arrived, I've also noticed that I don't have as many asthma attacks. Pollen tends to be one of my worst triggers, but lately I've had fewer of them with reduced severity.

It's striking when I leave my home, too. Walking outside on heavy pollen days very quickly starts me sneezing, my nose running, etc. It can be miserable. The more time I spend in it, the more severe the reaction. At those times, it's a relief to walk into my house and breathe in clean air. Given how much I'm affected, I consider the IQAir HealthPro Plus my sanity-saver.

Filters do need to be replaced when they get full, especially the pre-filters. Those have to be changed every 12 to 18 months, depending on how many pollutants are in the air. That said, my research showed that the HealthPro Plus needs fewer filter changes than other air purifiers. The HEPA filter – that's the one that removes the smallest particles – it lasts much longer, thankfully. I also like that the unit has a 5-year warranty. It's incredibly sturdy and won't fall apart any time soon.

For all the above reasons, I consider the IQAir HealthPro Plus a good value for the money, even after I include the cost of replacement filters. But above all, it actually works. That's what I cared about and what I needed. Other air purifiers might be cheaper, but they apparently don't work as well or last as long. I'd rather pay for quality and see results. And I have seen changes.

The air in my house is clean and odor-free, my allergies have lessened significantly, I have far fewer asthma attacks, and I have to dust less frequently. I remain very happy with my choice and recommend the IQAir HealthPro Plus to everyone who suffers from asthma and allergies.

Lindsay W., Blue Ash, OH


Highly recommended by allergists for their patients who suffer from allergies, the IQAir HealthPro Plus is designed to quickly and efficiently remove all allergens and irritants from your indoor air. Precision crafted in Switzerland using the finest components, the HealthPro Plus unparalleled performance has made it the highest rated among all air purifiers on the market, and the key to its superior reputation is a combination of medical-grade HEPA filtration and activated carbon. Discover why IQAir is considered the top air purifier for allergy sufferers. Order your IQAir HealthPro Plus today, and enjoy the tranquility that comes from breathing clean, allergen-free air.


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