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Wildfire Smoke... is very hazardous to your health. Protect yourself with an air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration.

IQAir New Edition Air Purifiers

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IQAir is a Swiss-based company that has been innovating air filtration technology for nearly 50 years and is widely considered the world's leading manufacturer of portable and whole house air purifiers. Precision crafted in Switzerland using only high-quality components, IQAir air filtration systems are widely used in environments that require pristine air, including hospitals, laboratories, schools, workplaces and homes.

Their most popular model, the IQAir HealthPro Plus, has been named a Best Buy by Consumer's Digest, and it has received recognition from a wide range of respected publications, including Consumers Guide and Reviewboard Magazine.

IQAir's New Edition Series is an innovation in air purification technology. The New Edition Series is the most significant improvement to IQAir’s line of high-performance residential HEPA air purifiers ever. This fundamental design approach affects every model that IQAir manufactures. The primary benefits of this design approach are as follows:

  • 32 percent noise reduction
  • Up to 25 percent more clean air per cycle
  • Up to 38 percent longer filter life

IQAir achieved these improvements with upgrades to two key areas: the fan and filters. The fan is a completely new design that IQAir optimized to achieve the highest possible airflow while producing a minimal amount of sound. In addition, IQAir created the new fan so that it would integrate seamlessly into the company’s industry-leading Total System Efficiency paradigm. The other big area of change is the filters themselves. Most HEPA filters are designed to trap particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. This used to be good enough, but data suggests that the most harmful particles are ultrafine, or as small as 0.1 microns in size. All New Edition air purifiers are fitted with air filters than can trap particles as small as 0.003 microns at a 99.5 percent rate of efficiency. What makes these ultrafine particles so dangerous is that they can actually penetrate deep into the lungs and then directly enter the bloodstream. This process can amplify atherosclerotic plaque production by 50 percent, which results in a greater likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Ultrafine particles also increase the risk of lung cancer and can change cells at the genetic level. Furthermore, ultrafine pollution particles result in inflammation that can cause both allergic and asthmatic flare-ups. The other important benefit of the New Edition innovation is the increased filter life. Using a new pleating pattern, the life extension of IQAir filters is significant: 20 percent longer for pre-filters and 38 percent longer for HyperHEPA filters. Industry-leading filters that could once last as long as 2 ½ years can now last as long as 4 years, which is a considerable financial savings over the long term.

The IQAir mission is to ensure that every client is satisfied, whether that client is a major hospital or a loving mother of one. Clean Air Plus, which has been a proud partner of IQAir for many years, takes the same approach to its customer service, and it counts hospitals and schools as well as residential customers among its clients. IQAir won’t accept anything less, which is why their HealthPro Series and other residential air purifiers are only available through authorized dealers like Clean Air Plus.

Most asthma and allergy symptoms are exacerbated by poor indoor air quality, and scientific research shows that air pollution is more lethal and at higher concentrations within our walls than it is outside. The modern technology is affordable and accessible, and there simply isn’t a good reason not to protect your family with a portable air purification system from IQAir. Make today the first day of a healthier approach by purchasing your IQAir New Edition air purifier from Clean Air Plus. 

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Clean Air Plus is a veteran and family owned small business. We represent the leading manufacturers in HEPA filtration including Austin Air Standard Units, Austin Air Junior Units, IQAir, Amaircare, Oransi and Airpura. Shop online or call one of our friendly experts at 888.247.1147. We'll be happy to help you choose from our large selection of quality air purifiers.

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