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Ozone Caused By Ionic Air Cleaners Poses Health Risks

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A study conducted by researchers at UC Irvine indicates that certain air cleaners can increase the levels of ozone in the home to levels that pose health risks for inhabitants. Ozone is already present in the air, but ionic air cleaners can increase its levels dramatically - to the point where people begin to suffer health problems. Ironically, people who have purchased these products to make the air they breathe healthier may actually be polluting it at the very same time - swapping certain airborne particles for increased levels of ozone. Fortunately, there are products available that do not increase levels of ozone in the home and people need to invest in those.

The Trouble with Ozone

Although ozone is a natural part of the atmosphere, performing several important duties, increased levels of ozone can cause various health issues. People who are already contending with various respiratory problems like asthma and allergies face worsened conditions and an increase in symptoms when they are exposed to higher-than-normal levels of ozone. Ozone also compromises the body's natural ability to fight off certain respiratory illnesses causing an increase in bronchitis and other ailments. When breathed regularly, ozone can damage people's lungs and cause coughing, chest pains, shortness of breath and sore throats. As evidenced by the litany of health problems associated with high ozone levels, it is disturbing to learn that many ionic air cleaners increase those levels a great deal. Indeed, the process behind how ionic air cleaners work - ionization - produces ozone as a natural byproduct. As these machines operate, they are continually increasing the levels of ozone in a home and the people in it can begin experiencing exacerbated symptoms as well as entirely new ones. Despite good intentions, people who install ionic air cleaners in their homes inadvertently introduce a whole pollutant to it.

The UC Irvine Study

Researchers at UC Irvine tested many different types of air cleaners under controlled conditions. The areas in which these cleaners were placed included bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and even cars. At each location, the cleaner was turned on and the levels of ozone in the area were tracked using special devices. In many cases, the levels of ozone that were ultimately produced were far higher than those necessary to issue a public health alert - and were kept bottled up in the home, meaning that they did not dissipate quickly or easily. Ozone is considered quite dangerous and deleterious to the health of people exposed to it. Considering that an ozone air cleaner can produce similar results inside a home is truly worrisome.

Avoiding Ionic Air Cleaners

This study poses some very serious questions for people who are concerned about their health and the health of their family. How are they supposed to clean the air in their homes without increasing levels of ozone to a toxic degree? Are they simply out of luck, destined to breathe in pollutants and irritating particulates no matter what they do? Is there any way they can achieve asthma or sinus relief or relief of other symptoms without creating new problems associated with breathing high levels of ozone? Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all of these pitfalls and to enhance the air that is breathed in the home without increasing levels of ozone - simply by avoiding ionic air cleaners. The technology behind these machines is questionable at best, and the ozone that they produce has been definitively shown to cause a bevy of unpleasant health problems.

There are better options available out there that do not rely upon ionization to clean the air. In fact, HEPA air purifiers use proven technology and are frequently recommended to patients by allergists, immunologists and other respiratory specialists.

Breathe Truly Clean Air with HEPA Air Purifiers

As highlighted by the UC Irvine study, not all air purifiers are made alike. People who wish to improve indoor air quality without increasing levels of ozone should purchase a high quality HEPA air purifier from a reputable dealer.


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