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Polluted Air Can Lead To Cardiac Disease, Study Shows

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You need not be prone to any heart disorder risk factor, yet, continuous or repeated exposure to air pollution might eventually lead to a cardiac problem or heart disease. This alarming fact was brought up by factual evidence from studies by foremost cardiac researchers.

According to a study by University of Michigan cardiologist, Robert Brook, continual exposure to polluted environmental conditions may be a prime reason leading to heart problems in people who have no other risk factors. Although the devastating results of polluted air on individuals with already-occurring cardiac conditions have been much talked about, reported, documented, and subsequently studied, this fact discovered by Dr. Brook and his fellow researchers is an interesting one. One of the first researchers to connect fatal heart conditions with polluted air, Dr. Brook’s comment came during a Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation news conference in Toronto. 

Ultrafine particulate pollution from cars and industry, is reported to lead to over 6,000 fatalities every year in Canada itself, of which nearly three fourths are connected to already occurring cardiovascular problems. According to research, even young, healthy individuals might fall prey to heart disease because of chronic or long-term exposure to air pollution. This exposure can lead to artery hardening, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which are all heart and stroke risk factors. As fine particle pollution can move approximately 500 miles from the source and harm people, it is one of the most devious and inescapable causes of heart ailments.

Although the United States has reduced its air pollution levels with the help of governmental measures our homes indoor air quality is still poor because of sealing and poor ventilation. Apart from avoiding workouts outdoors when the smog is high and biking or walking rather than driving, one of the easiest methods to protect one’s own self would be to use a HEPA air purifier at home, at the workplace or even in automobiles. Purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter to make the air you breathe in safe for yourself and your loved ones is the most useful and intelligent option.

While an excellent medical grade HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants from the air, it will also ensure that you feel instant and long-lasting relief that comes with taking in clean air which is crucial for overall health.


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