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Promoting a Healthier Home Environment for Your Baby

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As a parent, your natural instinct is to protect your infant at all costs. Unfortunately, many parents inadvertently expose their babies to harmful things right in their own home. Among many other things, indoor air quality is incredibly important for the health of everyone in the home – especially newborns. Babies are particularly sensitive to chemicals, airborne pollutants and other things that may go unnoticed by older people. Starting your baby off on a healthy path in life is critical, and there are a number of ways to do so – many which may never have even occurred to you. Below, we take a look at a few of the top ways to promote the healthiest life possible for your baby.

Mattresses Matter

When choosing a mattress for your baby, you not only want to ensure that they will be comfortable but that they will be healthy, too. That’s why investing in an organic mattress is such a smart idea. Considering how much time baby will (hopefully) spend napping, it’s important that they are not exposed to harsh chemicals and synthetic materials while they sleep. An organic mattress is the best way to guarantee that.

Hold Off on Harsh Cleaners

While keeping baby’s nursery as clean and free of germs as possible is vital, you don’t want to expose them to the harsh chemicals associated with many popular cleaning products. Think about how strongly many cleaning products smell. You don’t want your baby inhaling those vapors, do you? Invest in some all natural cleaning products and strictly use them for keeping baby’s room spic and span.

Put Down Toxic Paint

Repainting the baby’s room so that it is cute and cozy is well and good – but using the wrong kind of paint can cause health problems down the road. When selecting paints to use in baby’s room, stick with those marked “VOC-free,” which means “volatile organic compound free.” Your baby’s room will look great, and they won’t be inhaling VOCs while they sleep.

Remove Your Shoes

Make a habit of taking your shoes off the second you walk in the door and insist that others do the same. Not only will your carpets and floors stay cleaner, but you won’t be tracking in dust, mold, allergens and other potentially unpleasant things. Your house will stay fresher and baby will breathe easier.

The Best Way to Keep Baby Healthy? A HEPA Air Purifier

All of the tips outlined above are great and should be followed as closely as possible. However, even if you are a stickler about them, the indoor air quality of your home will still be a problem. Many parents choose to place air conditioners and humidifiers in their babies’ rooms but those machines only mask the problem of impurities in the air. The fact is, only a well-designed HEPA air purifier can help you promote allergy and asthma relief, as well as many other important health benefits.

Remove Harmful Airborne Contaminants in Baby’s Bedroom

Even if you are incredibly strict about dusting, vacuuming and sweeping on a regular basis – and you adhere to all of the rules outlined above – the fact of the matter is that there are still going to be a ton of airborne pollutants floating around baby’s bedroom. While they sleep, they are breathing in things like dust, mold spores, pet dander and even VOCs. All of those unpleasant things – and much more – are microscopic and completely invisible to the naked eye. Even if your baby’s room looks spotless, the air is rife with toxins.

The simplest solution to this very troubling problem is to invest in a well-designed air purifier with a HEPA filterTo ensure that you purchase a top quality product, you need to order yours through a reputable distributor. Clean Air Plus supplies only the very best HEPA air purifiers on the market today. 


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