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The Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifier: A Review

Austin Air Baby's Breath Air Purifier-Clean Air Plus Air Purifiers

As a parent, your number one priority has to be keeping your baby as safe and healthy as possible. Although many parents don’t realize it, poor indoor air quality is an all too common problem that can compromise the health of your baby. Even if your home looks and smells perfectly clean, its air is probably choked with all sorts of airborne particulates. Those particulates can get into a baby’s fragile respiratory system, triggering health issues and other unpleasant things. As awareness has increased about the problem of poor indoor air quality, the popularity of  HEPA air purifiers has escalated; today, we’re taking a look at one particular model – the Austin Air Baby’s Breath.

Designed with Baby in Mind

From its soft pastel colors to its pleasantly whirring sound, the Austin Air Baby’s Breath is one HEPA air purifier that can work wonders when it comes to keeping your baby as healthy and happy as possible. Its compact size and lightweight construction make the Baby’s Breath a breeze to position virtually anywhere; you’ll have no trouble whatsoever finding a suitable place in your baby’s nursery. The white noise that it generates can help lull your baby off to sleep – and lessen the chances of that sleep being interrupted.

How the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Works

The Baby’s Breath uses three distinct stages to help pull as many impurities from the air in your baby’s room as possible. First, air is pulled through a large particle pre-filter. Large particles, including visible bits of dust, are captured in this high grade material and help keep the HEPA filter from getting overloaded. Next, the air goes through the machine’s state of the art HEPA filter. Up to 99.97% of all airborne particles measuring as small as 0.3 microns in size are caught in this medical grade filter. Finally, an activated military carbon cloth helps pull fumes, vapors, gases and VOCs – or volatile organic compounds – from the air using a topnotch chemical reaction called adsorption.

Key Features and Advantages

In addition to its excellent filtering capabilities, the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Austin Air Purifiers Baby's Breath-Clean Air Plus Air Purifiers

distinguishes itself by coming in two soothing colors: pastel pink and pastel blue. In this way, you can incorporate this HEPA air purifier into the design of your baby boy or baby girl’s nursery. Instead of looking like a dull machine, the Austin Air Baby’s Breath actually helps amp up the style of a bedroom, what’s not to love about that? This air purifier can handle an area of approximately 700 square feet efficiently, and has a delivered airflow rate of 200 cfm, or cubic feet per minute, at its highest setting.

Maintenance and Filters

Setting up and maintaining the Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA air purifier is a snap. When it arrives at your home, you simply need to plug it in and let it go to work. As for maintenance, occasionally vacuuming the pre-filter is simple and easy to do. The Austin air filter that comes in this machine is guaranteed to last at least five full years, making it very affordable.

Real Life Benefits

The Austin Air Baby’s Breath brings many real life advantages to the table for conscientious parents. Like other high grade HEPA air purifiers, it can help clean the air in a very efficient way, improving your home’s indoor air quality by a considerable degree. By breathing in clean, pure air, your baby is more likely to enjoy allergy relief and many other prime benefits. In fact, you can too! Giving your baby’s respiratory system a much-needed break is one of the great things about having clean air in the home.

Giving your baby the opportunity to breathe in clean, pure air is a great thing. The Austin Air Baby’s Breath makes doing that surprisingly simple. At Clean Air Plus, we are proud to stock and supply this top quality air purifier from Austin Air and believe that it can help you achieve incredibly great indoor air quality in your home. 

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