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The Trouble with Whole House Air Purifiers

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You have probably heard about whole house air purifiers if you are researching a way to improve the air quality in your home. The question is do Whole House Air Purifiers Work? In short, not really.

Whole house air purifiers purport to take care of the air quality in your entire house all through one simple piece of equipment. It sounds really appealing. But like many items that appear too good to be true this one has many substantial flaws. It is quite useless for efficiently removing particles and impurities from the air in your home.

Whole house air purifiers are supposed to work together with your home heating or air conditioning system to clean the air coming into your home. One of the biggest and most glaring failures when it comes to this feature is that the systems in most homes only have one air return. This means that there is only one spot in one room of the house in which air is taken into the heating or air conditioning system. The air moves through the furnace or air conditioner to be heated or cooled, and is then blown back out throughout the house.

Obviously because the air that is cleaned via a whole house air purifier is usually only taken in from one location in the home this means that the air in the rest of the house is completely left out and overlooked from the equation. Essentially only the air in one specific spot in your house is truly cleaned or purified by a whole house air purifier. This invalidates the entire premise of a whole house purifier and really makes its name quite misleading and untrue.

Additionally you have to consider that for the whole house air purifier to work at all the fan for the air handling unit and the HEPA purifier must be very powerful and must run at all times. Residential HVAC blowers do not have the power to successfully push air through a normal HEPA filter. A real HEPA filter will create a large amount of static pressure which means they can’t not be used in most whole house systems.

Therefore nearly every HEPA based whole house cleaner uses a bypassing system. This bypassing system means that you will be letting the fine particles pass through that cause allergies and other problem illnesses.  Also imagine the high electric bills that you would face if your air conditioning unit or your furnace had to run at all times. It would be astronomical.

And for the privilege of paying such high bills only approximately 30% of the air from one portion of your house is truly being purified. Air handling units such as air conditioners and furnaces only take in about 30% of air at a time as it is and can further reduce the efficiency - and the big promises - of whole house air purifiers.

It is apparent that all of the selling points of whole house air purifiers are generally quite exaggerated and do not perform the job they are supposed to. If you are serious about having the best quality air possible for your family than a whole house air purifier is simply not up to the job.

What, then, is the best possible way to improve the indoor air quality of your home? Portable HEPA air purifiers set to run in individual rooms in your home are the proven and best method for obtaining the cleanest air possible. 


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