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Top Ways to Achieve Sinus Relief

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Sinus problems plague approximately 37 million Americans. If you’re one of them, then you will more than likely try virtually anything to find sinus relief. Living with sinus problems like sinusitis and sinus pressure can be very annoying, and can get in the way of living a happy, carefree life. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize sinus problems and to treat them so that they don’t loom so large over your daily life. Check out our list of handy tips below to find out how you can lessen the impact that sinus issues can have on you.

Pinpointing the Problem

Before you even begin reading the following list of tips, it helps to get an idea about why you’re having sinus problems in the first place. Allergies are, by far, the most common culprit; for many, allergy relief comes along with sinus relief. Physical abnormalities like unusually narrow sinus passages can trigger sinus problems, and a propensity for having a dry nose can exacerbate sinus problems as well. Try to figure out why you’re experiencing sinus trouble; by doing so, you can more easily handle the problem.

Top Tips for Sinus Relief

There are many different strategies and techniques for facilitating sinus relief. Read through them and try them out to arrive at the optimal solution for you.

  1. Ventilate Your Home – When the air in your home becomes stagnant and stale, all sorts of problems can flare up in your sinuses. Although you don’t want to let all of the heat or cool air escape from your home, it’s smart to occasionally open a window or two to let a breeze pass through. The cleared out air will help keep your sinuses in better shape, and will help you feel much better in general.

  2. Humidify the Air – Humidifiers can help keep your nasal and sinus passages from becoming too dry; in turn, this can lessen the problem of sinus issues. Some people choose to use a humidifier all year long, while others find that simply using one during the winter months works perfectly fine. Wintertime is a smart time to use a humidifier in your home since the heat from the furnace can make the air in your home very dry. If nothing else, put a humidifier in your bedroom so that you breathe in less dry air while you sleep.

  3. Keep Your Home a Bit Cooler – Although the temptation to keep your home super warm and cozy may be great, the fact is that warm air is dry air – and dry air can wreak some serious havoc on your sinuses. Keep the air in your home on the cooler side and bundle up with sweaters, blankets and throws to help keep your nasal passageways less dried out. You’ll quickly notice an improvement with your sinus problems, as your body isn’t being subjected to ultra-dry hot air day in and day out.

  4. Hydrate – Drinking lots of water is a great idea for many reasons; for people with sinus problems, keeping well hydrated can help reduce their problem considerably. At the same time, investing in a Neti pot or another nasal irrigation system can also help matters a great deal, too. You use such products to pour water through your nose; it travels through your sinus passageways, bringing hydration and relief along with it. Getting into the habit of drinking plenty of water – and using a nasal irrigation product regularly – can facilitate sinus relief by a very noticeable and appreciable degree.

  5. Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your home by removing the airborne particulates that swirl around in your home that can increase sinus problems. One of the best ways to achieve better indoor air quality – and, in turn, sinus relief – is by using a top quality HEPA air purifier. Since they can filter up to 99.97% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns, a HEPA air purifier is an efficient way of making the air in your home cleaner.

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