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What’s the Deal with Dust?

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We’re all familiar with dust, and it seems like we fight a never-ending battle against it most of the time. When a beam of light passes through a room in just the right way, we can sometimes see dust particles floating merrily around. Oftentimes, a room that’s been unoccupied for a while will accumulate so much dust that it is visible to the naked eye, covering tabletops and windowsills alike. As ubiquitous as dust may be, though, many of us haven’t the foggiest idea how it all gets here. Does it mysteriously conjure itself up from out of thin air? 

Where Does Dust Come From?

One thing’s for sure: Dust doesn’t just generate from out of nowhere. The reason that dust is more apparent in unoccupied rooms is because nothing is there to move it about, so it settles indiscriminately on flat, level surfaces. The fact of the matter is that dust is made out of tiny particles that come from a wide variety of different places. Due to their microscopic size, these particles appear to be rather homogeneous – they are not. They come from indoor and outdoor sources.

Outdoor Sources of Dust

People are actually the biggest culprits in introducing dust to a home. That’s because we track it in with us from outdoors, even when we are conscientious about wiping our feet on the welcome mat and removing our shoes. As we go about our business every day, tiny particles cling to our feet, legs, arms and the rest of bodies; we bring those particles into our homes with us, where they dislodge and make themselves at home in the air. Our indoor air quality becomes compromised, especially when this occurs again and again – as it always does.

Indoor Sources of Dust

The great outdoors isn’t solely to blame for the scourge of dust that so many of us have to contend with. Things like carpets shed microscopic fibers that become dust; so do tiny bits of plywood and other materials that make up the everyday objects in our homes. Pet dander and other components also get into the act, making dust a veritable melting pot of all sorts of different things. Without a doubt, the hodgepodge of things that go into creating dust is what makes it so problematic for so many people.

How Dust Affects Your Health

Besides making a home look untidy and unappealing, dust can have a major impact on your health. People who suffer from various respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergies are especially susceptible to the irritation produced by dust. Since so many components of dust are impossibly small, they can be inhaled into the lungs where they irritate the respiratory system and cause all sorts of problems. From there, it can travel into the bloodstream, where illnesses can crop up in no time flat.

Dealing with Dust

Keeping dust to a minimum in the home is very important. If you have carpeting in your home, you’ll want to vacuum it on a regular basis to keep dust from settling into the fibers of your carpeting. For wood and tile floors, be sure to vacuum and mop routinely to keep them spic and span. Dust all level surfaces regularly, including places that can’t be seen easily. Out of sight is definitely not out of mind – or body – when it comes to dust. On top of all of these key tips, using a HEPA air purifier in the home is one of the best ways to fight back.

How HEPA Air Purifiers Can Help with Dust

Dusting and vacuuming are well and good, but they also stir up the dust and cause a lot of it to just circulate in the air in your home. In turn, your home’s indoor air quality is reduced a great deal, and people inside it can suffer as a result. A high efficiency HEPA air purifier can filter up to 99.97% of airborne particulates from the air, including particles as small as 0.3 microns. Most dust falls into that category which is good news for your health.

Clean Air Plus stocks all of the top brands of genuine HEPA based air purifiers making it easy for you to fight back against dust and to finally start having the upper hand in your battle against it. From choosing your air purifier, to ordering it, and putting it to use, the process couldn’t be easier than it is with Clean Air Plus.

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Clean Air Plus is a veteran and family owned small business. We represent the leading manufacturers in HEPA filtration including Austin Air Standard Units, Austin Air Junior Units, IQAir, Amaircare, Oransi and Airpura. Shop online or call one of our friendly experts at 888.247.1147. We'll be happy to help you choose from our large selection of quality air purifiers.

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