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The American Red Cross Prefers Austin Air Purifiers

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As one of the most effective and important relief organizations in America and throughout the world, the American Red Cross routinely assists during a wide range of emergencies and disasters. When a disaster occurs, the American Red Cross is usually one of the first organizations on the scene to help both civilians and rescue workers. By making use of the most leading-edge techniques and sophisticated equipment available, this organization ensures that people subjected to disasters receive essential necessities and attain the emotional support necessary to resume their daily lives.

Red Cross High Equipment Standards

In recognizing the magnitude of the work done by the American Red Cross, it’s not surprising to note that the organization has very high standards for the equipment that it procures. If you have ever seen footage of American Red Cross volunteers in action, you may have noted that they are almost always dressed in the highest quality protective gear. In addition, they make certain that the tools and medical supplies that they use are in excellent working condition. In short, every item used by the organization has to be of the highest caliber to assure that the disaster recovery effort is executed in a safe, successful manner.

While the American Red Cross has executed numerous rescue efforts during their nearly 100-year history, the work done by the organization following the terrorist attacks of September 11th is probably the most salient in public consciousness. In response to an incredibly dangerous situation marked by the imposition of dust and debris throughout Manhattan, the organization’s workers operated in an excellent, expedient fashion to assist in saving as many lives as possible.

Red Cross Selects Austin Air Purifiers

While the American Red Cross workers incorporated their usual emergency and medical supplies in responding to the September 11th terrorist attacks, the extreme air pollution generated by the World Trade Center collapse could not be overcome with facemasks alone. This dire situation made it necessary for them to also utilize air purifiers to make the air as safe to breathe as quickly as possible. The Red Cross’ solution was medical-grade HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon, specifically those designed and manufactured by Austin Air. Although organization leaders could have chosen from several different air purifier manufacturers, they chose to use Austin air purifiers for this vitally important task.

The Red Cross chose Austin Air for its superior filtration technology first and foremost, but it also chose the company for its ability to handle the extreme logistics of the request. On September 11th, the very same day that the attacks occurred, Austin Air deployed its largest ever shipment of air purifiers to the Red Cross. In response to the horrific and life-endangering events on that day, Austin Air’s purifiers were effective in facing the challenge of immense air pollution.

HEPA Filtration

Clean Air Plus is a retailer of HEPA air purifiers, and it chooses to offer air purifiers from Austin Air for many of the same reasons that the Red Cross chose the company on September 11th. Austin Air uses the most effective, innovative air purification technology available, and its 360-degree air intake system design is among the most impressive in the industry. By using medical-grade HEPA combined with activated carbon filtration, their air purifiers can quickly remove an incredible amount of microscopic air pollutants from the air you breathe.

HEPA filters have been depended on for a wide range of air purification applications since the 1940s when scientists developed them for the purpose of protecting people from life-threatening radioactive particles. Austin Air’s purifiers, including the

top-selling HealthMate model, make use of long lasting medical grade HEPA filters that can capture particles and allergens that are as tiny as 0.3 micrometers in diameter, including dust, pet dander, pollen and microorganisms. This unique approach doesn’t simply “sieve” or strain pollutants from the air. Instead, HEPA has fibers that, in essence, attract and bind the particles along its many accordion style folds. HEPA filters are the best at what they do, and when employed inside a state-of-the-art air purifier, they provide the ideal way of cleaning the air and promoting a healthy indoor environment.

Activated Carbon

In an Austin air purifier, however, the HEPA filter does not work alone. It’s paired with an activated carbon component to further enhance the capabilities for trapping contaminants from the air. Activated carbon is porous, has a large surface area and is able to trap gases, chemicals, vapors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), noxious odors and much more. This combination is a big part of why Austin air purifiers are so effective, and Clean Air Plus is proud to stand behind this company, its fantastic technology and its many superior products.

When considered holistically, the highly effective filtration technology of Austin Air purifiers makes it plain to see why an organization as professional and skilled as the American Red Cross would choose their product for the important work that it does. During a time when the air was choked with lethal debris from those 100-plus storied buildings, the American Red Cross chose Austin Air to address the air pollution that threatened the lives of innocent civilians. 

If you are serious about protecting the health and safety of your family, select an air purifier with the type of demonstrated efficacy that warrants your trust. In order to ensure excellent air quality and prevent common airborne pollutants and allergens from affecting your quality of life, go with the American Red Cross’s first choice – the Austin Air line of air purifiers. 

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