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Wildfire Smoke... is very hazardous to your health. Protect yourself with an air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration.

Wildfire Victims Getting Help from IQAir Purifiers

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Wildfires happen every single year. This year is no exception, and thousands of homeowners are living in the midst of massive wildfires that are compromising the air quality of the surrounding areas. One thing that many people are blissfully unaware of, though, is that the smoke particles that are so obvious outdoors often make their way into the home. People shut themselves up in their homes to escape the smoke – and the health problems that it causes – but are actually still being subjected to the same health risks. In response, authorities recommend that people living in wildfire-stricken areas create “safe rooms” in their homes.

Why a Safe Room?

As mentioned above, simply stepping indoors when wildfires are afoot really isn’t enough to protect the respiratory systems and health of you and your family. If wildfires are nearby, then dangerous airborne smoke particles are probably already clogging the air in your home. Authorities and doctors alike recommend that homeowners create a kind of safe haven – or “safe room” – in their home to have a safe, clean place to breathe. 

How to Create a Safe Room

IQAir offers this important information in order to raise awareness among wildfire victims about the importance of using HEPA air purifiers to clean the air in their homes. Indoor air quality is severely compromised by rampant wildfires, so using a quality HEPA air purifier is key. Before purchasing one, though, it helps to familiarize yourself with the steps that must be taken to create a real “safe room.” Below, we outline those steps for your convenience.

  • Open and close doors and windows as infrequently as possible. After closing doors and windows, seal them shut with duct tape to keep extra smoke out of the home. You may also wish to use plastic sheeting to further reinforce the barrier.

  • Switch out your regular furnace filter for a high efficiency filter. Although these types of filters cost more money, they will help clean the air that comes into your home via the furnace system. They don’t remove all impurities, though, so a regular HEPA air purifier is still in order.

  • Whether it’s hot or cold outside, run your air conditioner. You can choose to just run the fan alone, if you want. The point is to get the air circulating as much as possible. That air circulation will help your IQAir air purifier work more efficiently – and will help clean unwanted smoke particles and other impurities from the air in your home more effectively.

  • Avoid running your bathroom exhaust fans, if you have them. These can actually suck more air from the outside into your home – something you definitely don’t want to be doing right now.

  • If you have to venture outside, consider investing in a dust mask. An N-95 rated mask is a great example of something that will help keep the majority of particles from entering your lungs and affecting your health.

  • Use a high quality HEPA air purifier – such as the best-rated IQAir HealthPro Plus in at least one room in your home to create a “safe room.” This safe room can be relied upon by the members of your family who are most in need of relief from any respiratory ailments that might be exacerbated by the wildfires and impure air. Since up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants become trapped by a well-designed HEPA air filter, the indoor air quality of the safe room will be exceptionally clean.

Investing in Quality Matters

There are many fake and cheap imitations of quality HEPA air purifiers on the market today, but if you want to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of wildfire smoke particles, you should never cut corners. Buying a dependable air purifier from Clean Air Plus is the best way to guarantee that your family’s lungs and respiratory systems are kept safe. Why expose your family needlessly to dangerous smoke particles, when a Hepa air purifier can make such a difference?

Breathe easier with a HEPA air purifier and don't let the wildfires compromise the health and well being of your family.

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