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Winning the Battle against Dust

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For the average person trying to maintain a clean home, dust is a menace. It builds up quickly on electronics, shelving and furniture, and as soon as you clean it, it starts to build up all over again. Matters are even worse for the person suffering from allergies.

That’s because dust is loaded with allergens and contaminants such as pet dander, dead human skin, hair, pollen, plant fibers, dust mites and a lot more we probably don’t even want to know about. We get it: dust is nasty and also toxic. Worse yet, it’s inevitable. You can’t stop dust completely no matter how hard you try or how clean your house is.

But there are steps that you can take to maintain it at insignificant levels. By insignificant we mean imperceptible and no longer able to trigger symptoms from allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Even if you don’t have a respiratory condition, there are good health reasons for keeping dust under control.

For instance, according to the EPA, dust is a primary source of PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. The EPA estimates that 80-percent of all PBDE exposure cases originate with house dust. Typically, PBDEs begin as flame-retardants in many of the products we own, and rather than dissipate when emitted, they collect in dust. At that point, we continue to breathe these harmful chemicals in for extended periods, which can lead to an array of issues.

Our path to a dust-free home has to be a strategic one, so before we simply start cleaning more often, we should take time to assess our living arrangement. Our focus should be on identifying and getting rid of dust magnets. The less work we have to do the more successful we’re likely to be.

Now, when it comes to actually dusting, the two big mistakes people make is that they don’t dust often enough and they dust dry. You'll want to start dusting more frequently, at least twice a week, and instead of using your feather duster, you’ll use a slightly damp cloth. The benefit of a damp cloth is that it collects a lot more dust and does a lot less blowing around. Make sure that you dust those hard-to-see spots as well, such as the tops of ceiling fan blades. 

With a proper dusting regiment in place, it’s time to make our lives easier. We do that with consistent tidying. You’d be surprised how much dishes and clothes lying around can add to your dust problem. Wash everything as soon as possible, and wash all of your bedding at least once per month.

After dusting and getting things in order it’s time to mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. A primary trouble spot is carpeting. Obviously, ripping out all the carpet isn’t feasible for most, but keep in mind that the less carpeting you have, the easier it’ll be. You can limit mopping to once per week if you like, but you should vacuum at least twice per week but preferably every day.

Using a conventional vacuum, you’re going to blow around a lot of small dust particles. The better alternative is a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter. This filter will cut down on the dust in your home considerably, and they can make a huge difference for allergy sufferers. When you’re vacuuming, vacuum furniture with fabric coverings and wipe down furniture with leather and plastic coverings. Also, shake out all your rugs outdoors.

Finally, put an emphasis on air filtration. Start by using high-quality filters for your furnace and air conditioner and change them out regularly. Failure to do so will shorten the life of your furnace fan and motor. Keep in mind that furnace filters were never designed to protect you they are there to protect the furnace blower and motor.  In addition, you want to consider using HEPA filtration in your home. HEPA air purifiers are designed to protect you by filtering the air in your house using a true HEPA filter. HEPA air purifiers offer many benefits beyond dust control. They promote better health, including heart health, and they can significantly reduce symptoms from allergies. Don’t put it off another moment. Get a true HEPA air purifier today. It’s time to start breathing easier and winning the battle against dust.


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