Wildfire Season Is Here...Protect Yourself From The Harmful Chemicals And Particles In The Smoke With A HEPA Air Purifier
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For more than 20 years, Amaircare has produced air purifiers of impeccable quality. Amaircare is a family-owned air purification company. With Canadian manufacturing focused on quality, durability and performance, and over 30 years of expertise. Amaircare offers HEPA filtration along with a variety of options for activated carbon to products and solutions deliver clean air in challenging environments.

Amaircare's complete line of HEPA air filtration products and parts are distributed internationally through a carefully chosen network of qualified distributors and dealers. All of their products are designed and produced to meet strict standards of efficient pollution removal, safety and quality demanded by the air filtration industry, government regulation and our customers.

Amaircare's commitment to workmanship has earned them a reputation as an industry leader, and the company's products continue to be a leading choice for ensuring clean air in home, office and industrial environments. The most effective, proven filtration technology is used in each system to offer ultimate protection from a wide range of airborne allergens as well as mold, bacterias, dust, pet dander and pollen. Add the high quality activated carbon option and rid your home of gaseous chemicals, odors and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The Amaircare brand prides itself on providing customers with products and service of high and consistent quality to ensure the expectations of customers are more than satisfied.

Principles of constant improvement guide the research and development behind each Amaircare system, creating product innovation that leads in the air quality industry. Amaircare manufacturing is focused on quality, durability and performance for every Amaircare product to ensure the cleanest air possible is delivered to you. 

Amaircare air purifiers effectivly clean the air you breathe.

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Amaircare 3000 Slate-Clean Air Plus

Amaircare Air Purifiers Model 3000 Air Purifier


Amaircare 3000 One of our most powerful Air Purifiers. Delivering 1 ACH for a 1688 sq. ft. area based on 8 ft. ceiling height, the Amaircare 3000 is complete with Amaircare®’s signature 3-stage filtration: carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon inner filter. This model rapidly eliminates allergy triggers, particulates and microorganisms. S...

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Amaircare Air Purifiers 2500

Air Purifier

From $499.00
Amaircare 2500 Air Purifier White-Clean Air Plus

Amaircare Air Purifiers 2500


Amaircare 2500 Amaircare Air Purifiers model 2500 is one of our most popular filtration systems, that will provide 1 ACH for a 1300 sq. ft. area based on 8 ft. ceiling height. It provides Amaircare®’s Air Purifiers signature 3-stage filtration with a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon inner filter. This unit effectively captures airbor...

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Amaircare Roomaid Air Purifier White - Clean Air Plus

Amaircare Air Purifiers Roomaid Air Purifier


Amaircare Roomaid  Breathe cleaner air with the Amaircare Air Purifiers Roomaid air purifier with HEPA filtration. The Roomaid unit is ideal for bedrooms, small offices and other areas where space may be limited. The Roomaid has 3- stage filtration with a foam pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon inner filter blanket. A two speed fan control al...

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