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Austin Air Logo-Clean Air PlusFilter replacements are available for all Austin Air models offered on our site, including the HealthMate, HealthMate Plus and Allergy Machine Series (standard and junior sizes), as well as the Pet Machine, Baby's Breath and Bedroom Machine. If you have any questions regarding the replacement of your filter, please contact us and we will gladly help you.


  • Please specify color when ordering. The pre-filter can be seen from the Austin air purifier exterior. Sandstone and white colored units call for a white pre-filter. Black, silver and midnight blue colored units call for a black pre-filter.
  • Measure external dimensions of air purifier to assure you are buying the correct filter. The dimensions for the Austin Air HealthMate, HealthMate Plus, Allergy Machine, Pet Machine, and Bedroom Machine are: Height: 23" Width: 14 ½" x 14 ½". The dimensions for the HealthMate Jr, HealthMate Jr Plus, Allergy Machine Jr, and Baby's Breath are: Height: 16 ½" Width: 11" x 11".