Allergy season is here...Protect yourself with a HEPA air purifier.

Supporting Our Troops

Clean Air Air Purifiers is proud to support our our men and women in uniform. As an American, one cannot help but be inspired by the men and women who have left their families behind to safeguard our nation and fight for our way of life. These soldiers have made the ultimate commitment. They are the epitome of bravery, and their dedication to this cause is unwavering. Their actions and their indomitable will make us acutely grateful and appreciative every day that we wake to our freedoms. Their effort, valor and sacrifice have made us extremely proud.

Words alone are not enough. We want to show those men and women our indebtedness by truly supporting them. At Clean Air Plus, we do that by donating to them our highest-quality air purifiers, and that lets them breathe pure, healthy air no matter the conditions they must face. Please join Clean Air Plus in supporting the troops in whatever way you can. Even the smallest help makes a big difference.

Marine standing next to IQAir purifier donated by Clean Air Plus.

"The HEPA air purifiers arrived today!! We are all excited here. They were pretty easy to set up and get running. Everyone in the mission room was very impressed. From the Marines of VMFA(AW)-533 we greatly appreciate the air purifiers and most of all your support. Again, many thanks."
Travis, United States Marine Corps

Clean Air Plus Air Purifiers Thanks you all for your service.


Clean Air Plus does what it can to support the brave men and women protecting our way of life on a daily basis.