Allergy season is here...Protect yourself with a HEPA air purifier.


Clean Air Plus is a family-owned business dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. For over 10 years, our company has had a stellar track record for customer loyalty because we value honesty and integrity above all else. If you're considering an air purifier for your family, then you owe it to yourself to read why so many other families choose to do business with Clean Air Plus.

"Just a note to thank you for your superior advice regarding the IQAir HealthPro Plus. You have NO IDEA how useful and efficient this air purifier is. For the first time IN YEARS, I was able to sleep through the night without waking up feeling stuffy and congested - and I don't even have allergies or asthma! Buying the unit was a brainstorm my husband is thanking me for daily. We moved from a much less trafficky area in Los Angeles to the equivalent of Fifth Avenue - on the ground floor. The air purifier is like our third pet, following me from room to room. The difference between purified and (un)natural air is so huge, that I feel it instantly.

Once again, thank you for your advice - I think the IQAir just added to my sleeping comfort like nothing else has in years!"
Christine, California

"The HEPA air purifiers arrived today!! We are all excited here. They were pretty easy to set up and get running. Everyone in the mission room was very impressed. From the Marines of VMFA(AW)-533 we greatly appreciate the air purifiers and most of all your support. Again, many thanks."
Travis, United States Marine Corps

  • To learn more about how we are helping service members breathe safe, clean air,
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"We love our Austin Air Purifier. It has made a big difference in our family's health and gives us peace of mind regarding the air quality of our home. We can breathe easier! And Clean Air Plus' customer service and integrity is unparalleled! We were treated with great care, sensitivity, and consideration - something so rare these days. We highly recommend this company. It was an absolute pleasure!"
Gretchen, NYC

"As a mom of two toddlers, I worry about the health of my children. I may not be able to control the environment outside, but I can control the home they eat, sleep and play in. I have a HEPA air purifier in every room in the house. The peace of mind that I get knowing that the air that my children breathe is clean and safe is priceless! Thank you Clean Air Plus!"
Karen, Maryland

"Clean Air Plus provided clear, and timely answers to all of my pre-sales questions and went above and beyond to ensure I had the information I needed to make an educated purchase decision. It's evident they care about both their product and their customer — I would highly recommend them!"
Jon, British Columbia

"I am so glad that I bought the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier for my daughter. She has used it for 1 ½ years and has had nothing but continuous improvement with her previous breathing problems. Thank goodness for Austin Air purifier systems."
Linda, Arizona

"WOW! I really appreciated the wealth of clear, concise information available on Clean Air Plus. The quality of your product offerings speaks volumes. I love my new IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier and use it everyday. Thank you for your friendly service and easy checkout process — delivery was right on time!"
Janine, Washington

"I am absolutely in love with the Austin Air HealthMate. I bought this product because I suffer from asthma and it has worked wonders. Not only do I breathe better but the frequency of my attacks have gone down. I would highly recommend purchasing this product especially if you have asthmatic problems like I do!"
Kaitlyn, North Carolina

"I have a dog, two cats and allergies, and as my allergies worsened, I knew I had to do something that didn’t involve losing my babies. My doctor suggested an air purifier, so I purchased an Amaircare 2500 from Clean Air Plus. Wow! Thank you! My allergies are gone, and I’m sleeping through the night."
Betty, California

"When the storm hit, my family was among the lucky ones. The worst of it was flooding in the basement, but we were able to handle the cleanup ourselves. The mustiness persisted, however, and I spoke to an expert who advised that I should use an air purifier to speed up the process. I bought a HEPA air purifier from Clean Air Plus. It arrived on Friday, and by Sunday night, the mustiness was gone!"
Keith, New York

"I am terribly allergic to mold. Because of our cool wet weather I normally have allergy flare ups all winter. Since I got my Clean Air Purifier I have not had a single flare up for four months. Thank you!!"
Melanie, British Columbia

"Love this! We chose the Austin Air Bedroom Machine model. Since moving to Vegas the air here is not like the forest in N Hampshire! We had trouble sleeping. After trying humidifiers we went to this. I LOVE it, can't say it enough!"
Chris, Nevada

"My pet allergies have always been manageable, but my girls wanted cats, and I knew that was going to be a problem. Doing some research online, I found some interesting articles on Clean Air Plus and eventually purchased a HEPA air cleaner from them. I’ll admit to being skeptical, but a high-quality air cleaner really can let you live alongside pets symptom free."

Ruby, Louisiana

"Thank you for helping me breathe again. I want you to know how impressed I am with your service. I couldn't believe this morning when the bell rang that it was my Amaircare 3000 air purifier. I have it running right now and I can tell a difference already. I'm so glad my friend recommended Clean Air Plus. Thanks again for such prompt service. I will let everyone know where it came from."
Barbara, New Brunswick

"My dog is highly allergic to dust mites. It wasn’t until we found out that we realized how infested our home was. Based on advice from our vet, we turned to Clean Air Plus. You guided us through the process and helped us choose the Austin Air Allergy Machine with great confidence. Thank you. This amazing investment finally allows our English bulldog, Sophie, to sleep through the night."
Evelyn, New Hampshire

"My son suffers from asthma, so I purchased an Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr for his bedroom upon recommendation from his doctor. I expected results, but I was amazed when his breathing improved after just two nights. His breathing was so much easier that I could hear the difference, and he actually made it through the entire night without restlessness. By night number three, I had ordered a second unit for use in my daughter’s bedroom."
Erin, Wisconsin

"My allergy symptoms are minimized! Now I can sleep at night and wake feeling rested!"
Jeff, Arizona

"I have personally witnessed the life changing results with my patients who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities. The Austin Air purifier has proven itself to me as being the most effective, drug-free method of managing allergy and asthma symptoms in the home, particularly the bedroom."
Dr. Edwards, Michigan

"Thanks for the great service! I recently bought two air purifiers from you guys, and am very satisfied with my purchase. I live in a high-smog area, plus have a daughter who suffers from bad allergies. Since using the air purifiers, we have noticed a significant difference in our home's air quality. In fact, my daughter's allergy symptoms have improved considerably as a result. Thanks again for everything!"
Rose, Tennessee

"My allergies have never been terrible but bad enough to be very annoying. I read an article on the Clean Air Plus website about what a HEPA air filter could do and decided to take the plunge. I’m so very glad that I did. My annoying allergy symptoms are gone, and my home has never smelled better or felt cleaner. Thank you."
Nanci, Kansas

"Awesome, awesome service! Thank you!"
Tricia, Pennsylvania

"Nothing beats Clean Air Plus! I recently bought an Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Results are amazing! Plus the value is unbeatable. In the past, I've had terrible allergies and sometimes the products I used made them even worse. I'm definitely not going back to any of those. I should've used the Austin Air HealthMate Jr sooner!"
Gavin, Utah

"I emailed Clean Air Plus with questions and was so impressed by the honesty and attention to detail that I ordered my Allergy Machine that afternoon. I received the unit a couple of days later, had it up and running in my bedroom in minutes and noticed the difference within a night. After a week, I am feeling so much better. Greg, your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you!"
Tony, Nebraska

"When our daughter developed asthma, we weren’t sure what to do and we even considered moving away from our longtime Florida home. When we sought advice from a specialist, she directed us to the IQAir HealthPro and the Austin Air Allergy Machine, which were available at Clean Air Plus. We can’t thank you enough. This has been a life-changing purchase for our daughter. She can breathe much easier now and we get to keep our home."
Jason, Florida

"I received my Amaircare HEPA air filter already, and it's working fine so far. The soft noise it makes at mid-low volume actually puts me to sleep too!!"
Hildy, California

"I decided to buy an air purifier and was immediately overwhelmed by the choices. I came across the Clean Air Plus site and emailed them some questions. I was blown away by the effort they put into the reply. Now that I know a thing or two about air purification, I realize how lucky I am to have found these guys. They only sell the highest-quality HEPA air purifiers, and all the advice they gave me was spot on."
Carl, New Hampshire

"I have suffered from severe allergies and asthma most of my life. My asthma usually occurs during the night, triggered by allergies. The first time I used my Austin Air HealthMate air purifier was the first time I can remember sleeping the entire night. It has been 4 years and my Austin air purifier has not left my bedside."
Steve, California

"Sarah, my daughter, began experiencing breathing problems at a very young age. It took the doctors a long time to identify the source, but eventually, we learned that dust mites were the biggest problem. The doctors recommended an air purifier, and Clean Air Plus helped me choose the right one. Thank you so much, as Sarah hasn’t experienced a symptom since we bought it."
Nicole, Kentucky

"My Grandson had coughing and breathing problems for a couple of years and was using a nebulizer at various times to help control it. One year ago I bought him an Austin Air HealthMate Jr air purifier and what a difference it has made. He now hardly ever uses the nebulizer."
Dave, Ohio

"Living in a rural area of Virginia, we never even considered indoor pollution. When, by chance, we discovered how filthy the air really was, we were flabbergasted. We knew we had to do something immediately, so we turned to Clean Air Plus, a recommended provider of the Austin Air HealthMate. We decided on the HealthMate because New York City and the Pentagon had used it in the days following 9/11."
Jennifer, Virginia

"Have not had a bad cold since purchasing my two units several years ago. I'm a cancer survivor and thank Clean Air Plus for helping me stay well."
Wilma, California

"I love my little Amaircare Roomaid Car Air Purifier. My occupation requires a lot of travel by car. I am very happy with the improvement of the air quality in my auto and hotel rooms. It is very small and easy to move around. This is a real jewel. I highly recommend it!"
Michael, New York

"After 20 years of dental practice, I am happy to have discovered the IQAir purifier. It is really effective for removing those odors and particles that are associated with dental offices. Our office environment is now so much more pleasant and healthy for everyone. Thank you!"
Dr. Reid, Indiana

"I’ve dealt with allergies my entire life, and I’ve never enjoyed good sleep on a consistent basis. It seems obvious now, but I never put the two together. When I could only sleep 3-4 hours a night, I sought a sleep specialist, and he recommended trying an air purifier in the bedroom before taking the next step. I bought an Austin Air HealthMate, and I slept for almost 10 hours straight that first night. What a game-changer!"
Russell, California

"Thanks for the great service."
Lou, Quebec

"The results for me have been positive, beginning with the first night that I used the HealthPro Plus air purifier. My sleep is greatly improved and I am waking up feeling much more rested. The IQAir is definitely a good choice for me."
Victor, California

"After receiving the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier, I am sleeping better and waking up rested without my usual stuffy nose. Now, I have much more energy for getting through the day."
James, Pennsylvania

"I moved to Arizona for work and looked forward to the climate change. I thought my allergies would improve, but I wasn’t prepared for the dust. Thanks to Clean Air Plus, I put an IQAir HealthPro in my home and have never breathed easier than I do now."
David, Arizona

"I’ve never had any breathing problems at all, but here I was in my 30s suddenly experiencing terrible allergy symptoms. On the advice of an allergist, I purchased an air purifier from Clean Air Plus. Within a week, my allergies were gone and stayed that way. Thanks!"
Julie, Indiana

"I had never used an air purifier until I recently developed a very bad cough. A friend recommended that I try a portable HEPA air purifier, so I called you. I could feel an improvement the very first night. I live in a smoggy town so I now run my air purifier all the time. You have made a believer out of me!"
Kimberly, California

"Thanks so much for sending the air purifier to us in such a timely manner! I can't tell you how much it made our day. Take good care and thanks again. Happy breathing,"
Ryan, Washington

"The Austin Air HealthMate Plus has made a major improvement inside our home for dealing with odors and dander from our cat Samantha. Before talking with you and receiving the Austin air purifier, my husband was having allergies to the cat. Now, he is feeling much better! Thank you Clean Air Plus and Austin Air purifier systems."
Mary, Texas

"Hi. I want to thank you so much. Both of my boys have suffered from terrible allergies since they were young, and I felt helpless. It’s staggering to think how much I’ve spent on specialists in the past few years. I purchased an Allergy Machine for a fraction of that amount, and my boys were largely symptom free by week two."
Courtney, New York

"I’m a manicurist who works in a small salon where the smells and chemicals can be overpowering. It’s bad when it bothers me, but it’s really bad when it affects a client. I knew I had to do something about it, and after a lot of research, I chose a HealthMate Plus Jr from Clean Air Plus. I picked a winner. My shortness of breath and headaches are gone, and my clients aren’t complaining anymore!"
Rosanna, Texas

"I tried several different cheap air purifiers in order to manage my allergies and they never worked. I finally called Clean Air Plus, discussed my options and chose the IQAir HealthPro Plus. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time and money on those cheap alternatives. The HealthPro Plus is the real deal, and my quality of life has improved significantly since I purchased it. Thank you so much."
Brian, Colorado

"Greg, I very much appreciate your prompt action regarding my recent order. It has been a pleasure dealing with Clean Air Plus and with you. Thank you again."
Jane, Illinois

"My Granddaughter was diagnosed with pre-asthma. Within four weeks after using the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr HEPA air purifier that I purchased for her bedroom, her condition was greatly improved. Ashley is now symptom free! Thank you for your quality service and products."
Laura, California

"I have had asthma since I was a kid and I thought that wheezing, especially during the night, was just something I had to live with. Clean Air Plus changed all that. My air purifier removes all of the tiny particles from the air that get into my lungs and cause wheezing. I feel great!"
Cindy, Colorado

"Greg, Thanks for the great service. The new purifier arrived in great shape when you said it would. It works well and we are happy to have it in our home. You raised the bar when it comes to customer service. Very refreshing in today's world."
Gary, New York

"My family lives near an industrial area where the pollution is very bad. It wasn’t until I read an article about pollution concentration indoors that I realized how dangerous it was for my children. After some research online, I chatted with Clean Air Plus, and they helped me pick out the IQAir GC MultiGas. It was on my doorstep in two days, and my boys had it up and running in minutes. I love it, but I’m a little embarrassed at the thought of what my house used to smell like."
Candis, Pennsylvania

"I deal with sinusitis at least once a year, and recently, the episodes became particularly bad. I sought out a specialist, and she had me make several lifestyle changes. The biggest change was purchasing a high-quality air purifier, and I was a little wary at first. Now, I can’t imagine how I got along without the Allergy Machine. I breathe easier, my symptoms are diminished and I haven’t experienced inflammation since."
Dotty, West Virginia

"As a stay at home mom, I need to be on point and alert. There are a lot of balls in the air on any given day and everyone is depending on me to make sure that everything falls into place. My new air purifier has greatly improved the quality of air in my home and enhanced my quality of life. I sleep better and have more energy during the day, which means a happier healthier mom! Clean Air Plus is the best!"
Erica, Florida

"I’m in the sales industry and let’s face it, image is everything. I have been battling red itchy eyes and a red flaky nose on and off for some time now and my sales figures have suffered. I did not know that dust mites and mold particles (that you can’t even see in your home) can trigger allergies and make you look like a walking flu epidemic! Gross! My IQAir HealthPro Compact air purifier filters those allergy-causing irritants out of my air so I feel better, I look better and my sales figures are back up. Hurray for pure air!"
Joanne, New York

"As an allergy sufferer, my air quality is really important to me. Pure air means the difference between a good day and a day of sneezing and a tight chest. My allergy symptoms have greatly improved since I received my air purifier from Clean Air Plus. I have my life back and I have Clean Air Plus to thank."
Steve, Missouri

"We just changed the Austin Air purifier filter for the first time after 5 years of use. I was shocked to see the filter full of dirty gunk. This proves to me how effective it really works. Thankfully, we had purchased a purifier for each of our three granddaughters rooms. Thank you Clean Air Plus."
Diane, Ohio

"Best thing I ever purchased, especially since I have kids and pets! I have a big house and have a purifier in almost every room."
Robin, Arizona

"VERY helpful customer service, awesome tips and products! Would recommend to all. Thanks so much for improving the air quality in my home!"
Nina, New York

"My wife has suffered from debilitating asthma since she was a child. Since using the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier, her health has improved drastically. In fact, her doctor is planning to cut her medication dose in half and possibly eliminate the medication altogether in the future if her progress continues. Many thanks!"
George, Pennsylvania

"I have an intense allergy to pollen. During the windy season my allergies get out of control. Pollen blows into the house and I end up waking up at night sneezing and coughing. My air purifier from Clean Air Plus provided me with the relief that I needed to get a good night’s sleep not matter what the season!"
Deborah, New Jersey

"My cats are a part of my family but they can cause trouble for friends and family that visit with allergies. The Austin Air Pet Machine made it so I didn’t have to choose between the people I love and the pets I love. Thanks Clean Air Plus!"
Cheryl, Virginia

"The Austin HealthMate Air Purifier was one of the best things I've ever done for my daughter's breathing problems. Even after four years, it continues to offer noticeable improvements to her breathing. Thanks much!"
Sheri, Michigan


"I've been using the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier and it's an amazing product. Air pollution is one of those things you don't really notice how bad it is until you get your air purified - what a difference. It's also helped my seasonal allergies which is something I didn't expect - your products are definitely worth it and your customer service is awesome!"
Marc, Massachusetts


"Even though I've only had my brand new Austin Air Air Purifier running for a couple of hours now, I am amazed at the difference I can tell in my breathing. My friend recommended Clean Air Plus, and she was right - their products are incredible, and their service is unbeatable. I'll be spreading the word!"
Tina, Colorado


"BEAUTIFUL! Just got an Amaircare 3000 purifying system and for the first time in years we are breathing a lot more relaxed. The allergies are not bothering us any more and the big bonus: we're sleeping better! Did I mentioned that we have 2 cats? Thank you! Love it!"
Florin, Ontario


"Greg, thanks so much for all of your assistance regarding my recent order. You've helped make me a loyal customer of Clean Air Plus for years to come."
Brian, New York


"I love your products. As an older lady, it's harder and harder to keep my home dusted. And I couldn't live without our dog Benji. With your superior purifiers, we breathe easier and I dust rarely. We have one for every room in the house now! Thank you for such a great after service too!"
Malory, Massachusetts


"Every year, I get horrible allergies. My eyes get runny and itchy, I have a constant runny nose and I don't stop sneezing. Even taking medication for it isn't fully effective. I came across the Austin Air HealthMate Jr and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm beyond happy that I did. I got one for my bedroom first, since my allergies seem to be worse upon waking up. After a few nights of using this, I no longer woke up with the horrible sneezing or stuffy nose. I decided to get one for my living room as well, and I've actually never felt healthier. I don't even really need to take my allergy medication anymore. I never really believed purifiers could work, but after owning the Austin Air HealthMate Jr, I am a believer now. Would highly recommend!"
Veronica, New York


"I want to thank you for the personalized, knowledgeable service that I received last week.John was extremely helpful and guided me through the sales process. Our portable room air purifier arrived yesterday and I can already notice a big difference in our home's air quality. Again, thanks so much. Wishing you the best of success for many years to come!"
Melissa, Ohio


"I can't say enough good things about my experience with the friendly people over at Clean Air Plus. They were available at every turn with clear, precise answers to all of my questions. It was nice ordering a product that is backed up by so much information; I'd recommend Clean Air Plus to anyone!"
Raeanna, Washington


"John, We have been using the Austin Air Filter for one week and can see a notable difference. Thanks for leading us in the right direction."
Clint, Alabama


"Our basement is unfinished and has always been rather smelly. We even had an expert in to check it, and he said that everything was fine. If we wanted to remove the smell, we’d either have to finish the basement, which we weren’t prepared to do, or purchase an air purifier. We opted for the HealthMate by Austin Air. Within a week, the basement smelled great, but what was most surprising of all was how much more restful my sleep has been."
Ellie, Ohio


"A doctor recommended that I try a HEPA air cleaner for my husband who was developing increasingly severe cat allergies. We were on the verge of giving the pets away and really wanted to avoid that. My husband experienced relief from the air cleaner in the very first week, and by the third week, he was able to coexist with the cats with almost no symptoms at all."
Alexia, New Hampshire


"I purchased an IQAir from your company a few months ago, and wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with how well it has worked for me. Many thanks!"
Damir, New Jersey


"I received wonderful customer service and was very pleased with the product options! You really can't put a price on clean air… but you make it easy to say yes! Clean Air Plus is a company that I can truly trust."
Kimmy, California


"5 stars for quality of products and an extremely helpful staff. I was able to find the exact item for my needs."
Vince, Missouri


"When I recently started suffering from a chronic cough that doctors could not seem to diagnose, I was at my wit's end; then I ordered an IQAir room air purifier from Clean Air Plus. That cough has gone away, and the polluted air that used to fill the room is clean and pure."
Tiffany, California


"The clearly written, easy to understand descriptions and helpful articles on Clean Air Plus helped make choosing my new air purifier simpler than I ever could have hoped. Your friendly service made for an overall excellent experience; my air purifier arrived as promised - thank you so much!"
Bob, Ohio


"I have several cats, and they’ve never been a problem until I met my boyfriend. He simply couldn’t stay in my apartment for long periods without hacking and wheezing, and sleeping here was simply out of the question. I couldn’t get rid of my babies, but I had to do something. My aunt recommended an Amaircare filtration system, which she had bought from Clean Air Plus. This purchase changed everything overnight, and now Ron can be here and even sleep here in total comfort."
Ashley, Ontario


"Clean Air Plus is the ONLY place I go to get my environmentally safe clean air products!"
Blair, Illinois


"I’ve dealt with allergies my entire life. I don’t think I ever realized how terrible it was until now. The room air filter I purchased from Clean Air Plus really did change my life, and I’m so happy with it that I just purchased a second unit for my parents."
Robert, California


"I had some issues with breathing related to toxins and decided to try some different products over the years.....Clean Air Plus provided me with the best options based on my needs. Thank You!"
Randolph, North Carolina


"The people I help everyday can't afford to waste money on products that don't work properly. That's why I can feel confident about recommending your filter systems to people with physical challenges to good health. The craftsmanship is superb and the quality of air has a clear impact on their quality of life."
Dr. Jefferson, Texas


"Amazing product! I'm severely allergic to pets, dust, smoke, etc. When we inherited our kids' dog, I got an Austin Allergy Machine for my room and it is a true blessing how great this product works. I love it, the customer service is always great and I feel so much better thanks to this product. I would recommend it to anyone."
Elisa, Indiana


"Thank you! This has been a health saver for me. With so many environmental pollutants I was experiencing frequent respiratory infections. All that stopped once I started listening to your company's advice. The filtration systems really are superior to other brands and I know I can trust your after service."
Stephanie, North Carolina


"My 7-year-old daughter was getting sick on a daily basis, and after a lot of trial and error, we determined that the cause of the problem was mold. We live in an old home, and we wage a constant battle against mold growth. We thought we got the upper hand, but there’s simply no preventing the new mold spores that occur on occasion. Finally, we invested in an Amaircare 2500 portable air purifier, and it’s the best move we’ve made. My daughter hasn’t displayed any of the symptoms since the day we turned it on in her room."
Judy, British Columbia


"For the first time in five years of use, we had to replace the filter in our Austin Air purifier. I was amazed at all of the dirty grime that was in it - and that otherwise would have been inhaled into our lungs! It makes me even happier that we bought air purifiers for each of our three granddaughters. Thanks, Clean Air Plus."
Lisa, New York


"My two daughters each have a cat, and no one in the immediate family is bothered by them. My husband’s parents, however, had an awful experience when they first came down. On the next trip, they brought their Allergy Machine Jr with them, and we were so impressed by how differently the house smelled that we ordered our own from Clean Air Plus before they left."
Kristiane, South Carolina


"Most of my life, my asthma has prevented me from having a truly restful night of sleep. Since I started using the Allergy Machine air purifier from Austin Air, I'm finally getting the rest I need."
Meaghan, Ohio


"Awesome company with great products and services :) thanks Clean Air!"
Jordan, California


"My pollen allergy meant that I had a hard time sleeping during the windy part of the year, when pollen blows into the house and I'd cough and sneeze through the night. The IQAir HealthPro purification system I purchased from Clean Air Plus finally gave me relief; now I sleep great all year round!"
Deanna, New Jersey


"Hi. I’m the proud mother of a baby girl, and before Madison ever got here, I purchased an Austin Baby’s Breath to prepare her nursery. It’s the first air purifier we’ve ever owned, and my husband and I were both really surprised by the effect it had on us. We’ve never slept this well. Madison is here now and sleeps comfortably in her nursery every night, and we’ve purchased the larger Allergy Machine model to ensure coverage throughout our home."
Justine, Florida


"I love my Austin Air Healthmate. It had free shipping which was great. It helps with allergies and I feel better knowing it kills bacteria, mold and nasty stuff in the air especially since I have a fear of bacteria. Feels good to breathe so well indoors. Thanks."
Valerie, Kentucky


"If you care about the air quality in your home, check out Clean Air Plus! The company is run by nice people who will take time to answer your questions. :)"
Mandy, Washington


"I live in a dry climate and things get very dusty. Thanks to Clean Air Plus and IQAir, the dust particles have disappeared from my home's air. I am now breathing easier and sleeping much better. Wishing your company continued success in the future!"
Geanie, Utah


"I'm so happy I invested in the HealthPro Plus. My oldest child was allergic to our new cat and ever since getting the purifier she is well. Good thing because we all grew to love the cat and couldn't imaging getting rid of him."
Todd, Missouri


"My granddaughter had been suffering from coughing and other breathing troubles for most of her life; she'd even been having to use an inhaler to help manage her problem. I ordered an Austin HealthMate Jr air purifier from Clean Air Plus, and she's breathing easier than ever before. Thanks so much!"
Heidi, Illinois


"I recently purchased the Austin HealthMate Jr for my daughter. Since then, her allergy symptoms have diminished considerably. She seems more active and is able to finally sleep through the night. Thank you for your quality service and products "
Katherine, Colorado


"Despite eating well, exercising regularly and sleeping eight hours a night, I felt tired all the time. It got so bad that I went to sleep specialists, and after a series of tests, she recommended trying air purification in the bedroom first. I purchased an air purifier from Clean Air Plus that day, and I now wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world."
Eric, Minnesota


"For the first time in my life, I'm waking up feeling truly rested and without that aggravating stuffy nose. I credit my brand new Austin Air HealthMate air purifier with the difference. Getting through the day is easier than ever - thanks!"
Pauline, Nebraska


"I just wanted to say that I love your products. My boss recently ordered one of your units for our studio and we all absolutely love it! Yay...clean breathable air."
Stacey, New York


"I want to thank you for your company's most excellent customer service. My new IQAir purifier arrived last Wednesday (I ordered on Monday). Now, we are breathing and sleeping so much better thanks to this awesome product!"
Stephanie, Ohio


"I purchased the Austin Air HealthMate Plus primarily to control odors and environmental tobacco smoke, which unfortunately seeps up through the floor in my apartment building. I can no longer smell a thing, and what I’m most surprised about is how much air this unit can move while being practically inaudible. The HealthMate Plus is a great investment, and I’ll buy a second unit when we move into our home."
Joseph, Pennsylvania


"My husband has always had an allergic reaction to our cat, Muffin. I couldn't bear to give the cat up, so I bought an Austin Air Pet Machine. Not only have my husband's allergies gotten under control, but our home smells fresher and looks cleaner, too! Thanks, Clean Air Plus and Austin Air!"
Valerie, Rhode Island


"Our new Austin air purifier arrived last Friday! So far, I am impressed with just how clean the air is. I have noticed over the past few days that I am sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested without the usual allergy symptoms (i.e. stuffy nose, watery eyes). Thank you for your quality service and products. I will definitely tell others about your great company!"
Lisa, Florida


"For the first time in my life, my asthma and all the wheezing that goes with it has been put under control; the Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr air purifier that I bought from Clean Air Plus gets rid of all the little air pollutants that used to attack my sensitive lungs. I feel better than ever!"
Kelly, Illinois


"Thank you for answering all of my pre-sales questions. Based on your recommendation, I ordered the Amaircare 2500 and couldn't be happier. The unit is very easy to use, and has since transformed my bedroom into a clean air oasis. Will be ordering another unit for my son's bedroom next month."
Rachel, North Carolina


"I work for a large dog boarding facility in Seattle, and we often experience a problem with clients, guests and vendors being affected by the large amount of dander. I was aware of the Austin Allergy Machine due to its reputation in the industry, and I purchased two units as soon as I had the budget to do so. Both machines are everything that I expected them to be. Even I noticed a difference, and I’m not someone who has ever been bothered by the dander."
Colin, Washington


"There's enough to worry about, being a stay at home mom; air quality doesn't have to be one of them, thanks to the room air purifiers sold by Clean Air Plus. Mine has made a huge difference for me!"
Jessica, Virginia


"I'm a mom to three toddlers, and like any other parent I want to provide the healthiest possible environment for them. Although I can't do much about the air outside, I can do something about the indoor air quality of the home they live in. I've placed a HEPA air purifier in every room of my house, and I've seen a major difference already - and I love knowing that my kids are breathing only pure, clean air."
Melinda, Pennsylvania


"Since I suffer from allergies, breathing clean air is essential to controlling my condition. When I have clean air to breathe, my day goes much more smoothly. Since receiving and using my Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr from Clean Air Plus, I've seen my allergy symptoms lessen considerably. I feel better than I have in years, and I owe that to Clean Air Plus and their high quality products."
Sean, Ohio


"Neither my husband nor I had ever owned a cat or even been around them very often. When our daughter, Sasha, turned 5, she wanted a kitten more than anything else, so we got her one. My husband and I realized quickly that we were allergic, but we couldn’t bear the idea of breaking Sasha’s heart. We met with an allergist who recommended the Austin Air HealthMate, and we were really impressed that we could feel the relief that very first night we put it in our bedroom."
Kathy, Missouri


"When my granddaughter Hailey was diagnosed with pre-asthma, I wanted to help in any way I could - so I bought her an Austin Air Baby's Breath air purifier and we put it in her bedroom. Within a few months, she was doing so much better. Thanks for your great service and purifiers."
Diana, Arizona


"I love my cats, but I don't love how my allergic friends and family had to suffer whenever they came over to visit. The Austin Air Allergy Machine allows me to have company over without making them miserable. Thanks so much, Clean Air Plus, for providing this incredible product!"
Henry, Maryland


"Received my IQAir HealthPro last week. I've been using it ever since and totally notice the difference. No more runny noses and sneezing and I am sleeping better at night! .... Love it!"
Raffi, California


"I recently moved to North Carolina and my allergies have flared up as a result. Although it is a beautiful state, it is quite common to wake up to a car covered with pollen! I started having problems indoors and outdoors with sneezing, itchy eyes, and nonstop coughing. I started doing some research online to find some relief from these problems and I found a link to the Clean Air Plus store in an online forum for people with allergies. I checked out the site and I eventually settled on the Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier. I made this choice after getting some really good information from their customer service hotline. The air purifier saved me from suffering throughout the rest of the spring. It is the reason that I am still able to live here in North Carolina. It not only helped me stop suffering from sneezing attacks and coughing, but I am able to breathe much better in general. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from allergies! If you aren't sure what to buy, just call Clean Air Plus and they'll know exactly what to recommend."
Nicky, North Carolina


"The best in the business! They give you excellent service for an equally great price. I am more than satisfied and I highly recommend them to anyone."
Maddie, Arizona


"Clean Air Plus cares about more than just their business. They show a strong caring for people in general."
Christy, Wisconsin


"Extremely professional and easy company to work with!"
Jane, Ontario


"I live in a part of the country where an inversion settles on us every winter. If I can't have clean air outside, it's important to me to keep the air inside my home as clean as possible. Your product (Amaircare 3000) does a great job. Glad I found this site."
Pamela, Utah


"Clean Air Plus has great products and excellent service!"
Caitlin, North Carolina


"I just wanted to send you a big 'Thank You' for your helpful webpage. This summer, I've been working as a mentor for a group of kids at our library's Summer Learning Program, and one of my mentees (Rory) found your website while doing extra research for the Environmental Science portion of our program. I just wanted to let you know that your information has been a big help not only to her, but to our entire group! Thanks so much "
Susan, Washington