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Airpura V600 Air Purifier For Specific Chemicals-VOCs

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Airpura V600 Air Purifier For Specific Chemicals-VOCs

The Airpura V600 is specifically designed for airborne chemicals and VOCs. The V600 traps specific airborne chemicals with enhanced, impregnated, activated carbon. Airborne particles are trapped by utilizing a metal capped true HEPA filter. Modern home interiors release harmful chemicals like off gassing from furniture and carpets, ammonias from cleaning materials, benzene and toluene from heating fuels, paints and glues and pesticides tracked from the outdoors. Work areas around your house are often contaminated by chemicals released by manufacturing processes and office equipment. The V600 has an enhanced chemical filtering system that can help with headaches, drowsiness, rhinitis and other respiratory illnesses. The Airpura V600 utilizes a premium quality activated carbon filter that has been specially treated to deal with these specific chemicals and also has a true HEPA filter that can filter 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The Airpura V600 is effective for up to 2000 square feet and recycles the air approximately every 30 minutes.

Airpura V600:  Unique Features

Advanced Chemical Filtration System

Enhanced Impregnated Carbon Filter
Absorbs VOCs and specific airborne chemicals

Cleanable pre-filter
Vacuum through the grill and change every 12 months

Metal Capped HEPA Filter
Traps 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
Metal caps are the most powerful and earth friendly HEPA sealing system


Key Components

True HEPA filters...Developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to filter radioactive particles as small as 0.3 microns

Enhanced Carbon...Premium quality activated carbon that has been specially treated to deal with specific chemicals specially VOCs.

Long Lasting Filters

Carbon filters...typically last up to 2 years depending on use

HEPA filters...typically last 5 years in regular use

Pre-filters...can be vacuumed from the exterior of the unit and should be changed every 12 months depending on use

Additional Information

For product brochures, specification sheets and user manuals, visit the Product Library

For more information about this brand, visit the Airpura Homepage

Airpura V600 Air Purifier User Guide
Airpura V600 Air Purifier Additional Information

The Airpura V600 is available in 3 attractive colors and comes with a 5 year parts and a 10 year labor warranty. Order yours today.

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