Wildfire Season Is Here...Protect Yourself From The Harmful Chemicals And Particles In The Smoke With A HEPA Air Purifier

Amaircare Air Purifiers Fume Extractor

Product Description

For an agile but powerful solution to eradicate fumes at the source, place the Fume Extractor next to the source and watch it work magic.

Technical Features.

  • Quick Filter Access with Latch Closure
  • Filters are easily accessible through the intake panel making maintenance convenient.
  • Top Mounted Handle
  • For effortless and fast movement from workspace to workspace.
  • 13″ Round Intake with Removable Hood
  • Pollution source targeted intake.
  • Steel Screen Top Directed Outflow
  • Directs air out the top of the unit to distribute clean air into the ambient environment.
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Mesh Prefilter
  • Protects interior filters from sparks and captures larger particles to prolong the life of the HEPA and carbon filters.
  • Standard Third Stage VOC Canister
  • Granulated carbon provides chemical and gas pollution capture. Customized treated Carbon fills available upon request.
  • Easy Twist Configuration
  • Capture large particulate and VOCs with the first stage foam prefilter, harmful and irritating particulate are trapped with the second stage HEPA filter that locks in place and chemical/gas pollution are adsorbed by the third stage carbon VOC filter.
  • Interior Filters
  • Filters are convenient to access and change with just a twist of the main HEPA Cartridge.
  • ON/OFF Toggle Control
  • 1550 g of granulated carbon provide vital capture of chemical and gas pollution.
  • High Efficiency AC Backward Curved Motor
  • High performance air flow at a low running cost, minimal drain on electricity resources with years of continuous performance.
  • Steel Construction, Baked Thermoset Finish
  • Tough wear and tear resistant housing that doesn’t off-gas chemicals, true to the integrity of clean air.